new classic

New Classicを表現した ファッションエディトリアル [前編]

Coat ¥586300 Knit ¥253000 Pants ¥112200 Belt ¥113300 by HERMÈS (HERMÈS JAPON)

Jacket ¥462000 Cardigan ¥203500 Shirt ¥203500 Shorts ¥123200 [Reference color] Shoes ¥135300 Hat ¥124300 [Reference Price] by PRADA (PRADA CLIENT SERVICE)
Socks [Stylist’s Own]

Shirt ¥193600 Ring ¥176000 by Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta Japan)

Jacket ¥132000 Knit [Around the head] ¥63800 Shirts ¥62700 Socks [On hands] ¥6600 Socks [On feet] ¥6600 by sacai
Stole ¥26400 [Around the waist] ¥26400 Pants ¥70950 by THEBE MAGUGU(DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA)
Slipper ¥49500 by Charvet (UNITED ARROWS & SONS)

Wine Opener [Editor’s Own] by Supreme × Forge de Laguiole
Wine [Editor’s Own] by Weingut Mann

Check Coat ¥369600 Cardigan ¥129800 Tulle Dress ¥198000 Dress ¥283800 Tabi Boots ¥165000 Hat ¥170500 by Maison Margiela (Margiela Japan Client Service)

V8 Vantage by ASTON MARTIN

T-shirt ¥66000 Pants ¥93500 by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello (Saint Laurent CLIENT SERVICE)

Blouson ¥297000 Knit ¥187000 Shirts ¥102300 Skirt ¥187000 Under Shorts ¥33000
Belt ¥63800 by MIU MIU (MIU MIU CLIENT SERVICE) All prices are a reference

Cardigan ¥225500 Denim Pants ¥176000 Shoes ¥105600 Necklace [screw] ¥126500 Necklace [heart] ¥82500 by CELINE BY HEDI SLIMANE (CELINE JAPAN) All prices are estimated

Dress ¥520300 Boots [Reference Item] Earrings [Reference Color] ¥97900 by BALENCIAGA (BALENCIAGA CLIENT SERVICE)

Incense ¥4840 by Perfumer H for ARTS&SCIENCE (ARTS&SCIENCE DAIKANYAMA)
Photo Kenta Sawada
Styling Takayuki Tanaka
Hair Yusuke Morioka
Make-up Tamayo Yamamoto
Model Matt Moctor Gleb Julia Xenia Teresa Marina Jennyfer
Edit Takuya Chiba
Takayasu Yamada
Katsuya Kondo
Special Thanks es quart

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