wearing earphones

wearing earphones

Apple AirPods AirPods [stylist’s own], Earcuff (From the top) ¥11664 by KNOWHOW (KNOWHOW jewelry), Earring ¥21600 by CODY SANDERSON (WORLD STYLING), ¥35640 by ALL BLUES (EDSTRÖM OFFICE), Pin [Open Price], Necklace [Open Price] by BIIS, Sunglasses ¥21600 by CHiMi (Comcode Showroom)

SENNHEISER AMBEO SMART HEADSET Earphone ¥37800 by SENNHEISER (e☆earphone) Jacket ¥83160 Pants ¥37800 by LITTLEBIG, Cap ¥7560 by WHY NOT? (INCONVENIENCESTORE), Bracelet ¥37800 by JW ANDERSON (EDSTRÖM OFFICE), T-Shirt [stylist’s own]

final SONOROUS X Headphone ¥629000 by final (S’Next Co., Ltd.), Vest ¥71280 by Martine Rose (THE FOUR-EYED), Jacket ¥86400 Pants ¥74520 by OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™ (eastland), Bra ¥14040 by Paco Rabanne (EDSTRÖM OFFICE), Eyewear ¥37174 by RVS (WONDROUS EYEWEAR RESORT)

RAZER Kraken Headphone ¥10584 Kitty Ears ¥3024 by RAZER (MSY CO., LTD.), Shirt ¥97524 by COMME des GARÇONS SHIRT (COMME des GARÇONS)

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphone ¥35330 by Bowers & Wilkins (D&M Import Audio), Shirt ¥33480 by A.P.C. (A.P.C. CUSTOMER SERVICE), Bra ¥128520 Skirt ¥346680 by alexanderwang, Pants ¥47520 by DRESSEDUNDRESSED, Necklace (Top) ¥324000 (Chain) ¥24840 by Lieana Makri (The Showcase by DELUPIN GINZA SIX)
SENNHEISER HD 25 Headphone ¥20520 [Open price] by SENNHEISER (Sennheiser Japan K.K.), Code ¥5780 by OYAIDE ELEC, Vest ¥41040 by BLACK WEIRDOS, Pants ¥77760 by JW ANDERSON (EDSTRÖM OFFICE), Belt ¥45360 by D’HEYGERE (THE FOUR-EYED), T-Shirt [stylist’s own]
KOSS Porta Pro Wireless Headphone ¥9800 by KOSS (e☆earphone), Vest ¥56160 by doublet (STUDIO FABWORK), Jacket ¥388800 Pins ¥1080 by UNDERCOVER, T-shirt ¥23760 by visvim (F.I.L. TOKYO), Pants ¥43200 by KIDILL (KIDILL ROOM), Necklace ¥9720 by AMBUSH® (AMBUSH® WORKSHOP), Belt ¥64800 by Y/PROJECT (THE FOUR-EYED)
qdc Anole VX Earphone ¥286040 by qdc (e☆earphone), Harness ¥16200 by Aries (Comcode Showroom), Tops ¥14364 by Shopscent (MYOB-NYC), Eyewear ¥34560 by CASANOVA and TAXI (WONDEROUS EYEWEAR RESORT), Earring ¥27000 by CODY SANDERSON (WORLD STYLING)
Bang & Olufsen Earse Earphone ¥32900 by Bang & Olufsen (TFC), T-shirt ¥40824 by OAMC (EDSTRÖM OFFICE), Pants ¥20520 Cap ¥7560 by C.E, Bag ¥14904 by STÜSSY (STÜSSY JAPAN), Ring (Left index finger) ¥54000 by CODY SANDERSON (WORLD STYLING), Ring (Left ring finger) ¥52920 by TOMWOOD (steady study), Other Items [model’s own]
Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless Headphone ¥32184 by Beats by Dr. Dre (Apple Store Call Center), T-shirt ¥15120 by SUB-AGE (CANNABIS), Pants ¥118800 [Reference price] by BEN TAVERNITY™ UNRAVEL PROJECT (eastland), Necklace [Open Price] by BIIS (Comcode Showroom)


Photo Takanori Okuwaki
Styling Tatsuya Shimada
Hair Kazuhiro Naka
Make-up Dakuzaku
Model Hannah Bennett
Takato Harashima Franci Santos
Oscar Tsugumi Shin Yazawa Isak
Brittany Yevoli Mael RIKAi
Edit Takayasu Yamada
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