Hoodie ¥77000 Denim Pants ¥120000 by RAF SIMONS (ADDITION ADELAIDE)

Dark Knees by Mark Cohen

Knit ¥148000 Jacket ¥400000 [Reference Material] Pants ¥133000 Shoes [Reference Item] by BALENCIAGA (BALENCIAGA JAPAN)

waldrand (kampf) by Miriam Cahn,1997 Oil on canvas 30.3×50cm @Miriam Cahn (WAKO WORK OF ART)

Shoes ¥105000 Pants ¥105000 by PRADA (PRADA CLIENT SERVICE)

Untitled (#198) by Donald Judd (THE CLUB)

Sweat ¥67000 by DRKSHDW (eastland)

Untitled by Sofu Teshigahara,1950-1970s Wood, brass H39×17×10cm ©︎Sogetsu Foundation / Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

Jacket ¥275000 Shirt ¥80000 Pants ¥85000 by GUCCI (GUCCI JAPAN)

Adventure by Television

Beanie ¥5000 T-Shirt [Reference Item] by Supreme All prices are tax excluded.

Untitled by Cy Twombly


Photo Jun Yasui
Styling Tsuyoshi Nimura
Hair Yuji Okuda
Model Daniel
Edit Takayasu Yamada

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