(the)looming in colors

(the)looming in colors

Jacket ¥116640 [Reference price] by MAGLIANO (Diptrics)  Bondage Top ¥54432 by 1017 ALYX 9SM (MATT.)  Pants ¥150120 by SIMONE ROCHA (DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA)  Leather Choker ¥174960  Wallet Chain [Wound to the neck] ¥713880  Charm [Each] ¥85320  Neck Chain [From the top] ¥24840 ¥29160 ¥29160 ¥33480 ¥41040 ¥41040 by CHROME HEARTS (CHROME HEARTS TOKYO)


Jacket ¥57240 Pants ¥37800  by CMMN SWDN (GEM PROJECTOR)  Tweed Jacket ¥31320 by POP TRADING COMPANY (GEM PROJECTOR)  Zip Up T-shirt ¥14580 by PORTVEL (STUDIO FABWORK)  Shoes ¥24840 by CLARKS ORIGINALS® for UNITED ARROWS (UNITED ARROWS HARAJUKU)  Beanie ¥7560 by POEDERBAAS
Vest ¥21600 by TAN (4K[sik])  Knit ¥91800 by KOCHE (H BEAUTY&YOUTH)  Pants ¥23760 by NEEDLES (NEPENTHES)  Shoes ¥25920 by Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO



Jacket ¥328320  Bare Top ¥221400  Pants ¥127440  by Rick Owens (eastland)  Leather Halter ¥48600 by GABRIELA COLL GARMENTS (H BEAUTY&YOUTH)
Jacket ¥287280 by OAMC (EDSTRÖM OFFICE)  Vest ¥184680 by BEN TAVERNITITM UNRAVEL PROJECT (eastland)  Jacket [Inside] ¥34560 by OUR LEGACY (EDSTRÖM OFFICE)  Pants ¥138240 by UNUSED


Coat ¥100440 by Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO  Jacket ¥77760 by doublet (STUDIO FABWORK)  Sweatshirt ¥31320 by Brain Dead (ORGY)  T-shirt ¥9720 by CULTCLUB (4K[sik])  Sunglasses ¥63720 by MYKITA + MARTINE ROSE (MYKITA JAPAN)  Other Items [model’s own]


Jacket ¥171720 by DANIEL w. FLETCHER (International Gallery BEAMS)  Polo Shirt ¥20520 by FRED PERRY × RAF SIMONS (FRED PERRY SHOP TOKYO)  Pants ¥35640 by NEAT (NISHINOYA)  Shoes ¥24840 by Clarks (BEAMS HARAJUKU)


Coat ¥123120 by UNUSED (alpha PR)  Shirt ¥31320 by AïE (NEPENTHES)  High Necked Shirt ¥27000 by CNLZ (alpha PR)  Overall ¥46440 by MARU TO  Shoes ¥111240 by SIMONE ROCHA (DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA)


Jacket ¥86400 by WACKO MARIA (PARADISE TOKYO)  Poncho ¥59400 by PORTVEL (STUDIO FABWORK)  Vest ¥34560 by TAN (4K[sik])  Pants ¥14040 by adidas Originals by Alexander Wang (adidas customer support)Bodysuit ¥20520  Glove ¥52920 by FUMIKA_UCHIDA (CLIFF co.ltd.)  Shoes ¥25920 by Timberland (Timberland/VFJapan)


Down Jacket ¥306720 by Juun.J (GEM PROJECTOR)  Jacket [sample] by Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood Information)  Track Jacket ¥28080 by NEEDLES (NEPENTHES)  Pants ¥102600 by NICHOLAS DALEY (ELIGHT Inc.)  Shoes ¥3024 by UNDER ARMOUR (DOME Customer Center)  Socks ¥2160 by BlackEyePatch (Comcode Showroom)


Coat ¥297000 by Vivienne Westwood (Vivienne Westwood Information) Knit Shirt ¥16200 by Levi’s® Vintage Clothing  Shirt ¥25920 by NEON SIGN  Pants ¥32184 by STAMPD (THE SHOWROOM)  Shoes ¥118800 by COMME des GARÇONS JUNYA WATANABE MAN (COMME des GARÇONS)  Beanie ¥7020 by VAINL ARCHIVE (LMH)  Leather Strap ¥29160 Clip Swivel ¥225720 by CHROME HEARTS (CHROME HEARTS TOKYO)


Jacket ¥205200 by COMME des GARÇONS JUNYA WATANABE MAN (COMME des GARÇONS) Jacket [Inside] ¥84240 Socks ¥3888 by doublet (STUDIO FABWORK)  Knit ¥45360 by SELF MADE BY GIANFRANCO VILLEGAS (ADDITION ADELAIDE)  Pants ¥77760 by OAKLEY BY SAMUEL ROSS (Diptrics)  Shoes ¥70200 by TOGA VIRILIS (TOGA HARAJUKU)
Jacket ¥83160 by WILLY CHAVARRIA (JETTON SHOWROOM)  Bustier ¥39960 by SUZANNE RAE (THE WALL SHOWROOM)  Polo Shirt ¥11880 by FRED PERRY (FRED PERRY SHOP TOKYO)  Knit ¥63720 [Reference price]
by BELLA FREUD (steady study)  Pants ¥64800 by Daniel Patrick (PREDILECTION)  Shoes ¥89640 by Christian Louboutin (Christian Louboutin Japan)  Other Items [stylist’s own]




Photo Shunya Arai (yard)
Styling Lambda Takahashi (Shirayama O ce)
Make Nobuko Maekawa (Perle Management)
Model Harry, Cecile
Edit Takuya Chiba
Takayasu Yamada
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