Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers

Chemical Brothers
No Geography
9th album
Released 12 April 2019
Length 47:00
Label Astralwerks

Aesthetic to the unchanging style

Chemical Brothers new album 『No Geography』was finally released on 12th April this year. It was the first in 4 years since the previous release in 2015. “MAN” and “Free Yourself” which was previously released as a single was constantly playing from the radio in the office. By the time when I got this record, I remembered most of the songs. “No Geography” contains the sense of their roots with a lot of rave sound elements such as acid house to breakbeat that swells on the theme of “Freedom” of the world without division.


Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons are the UK’s leading music duo, Chemical Brothers. Since its formation in 1992, based on club music such as techno, electro, and breakbeat, the sound that applied rock which created a new music genre called “Digital Rock” and had a great influence on dance music around the world. These are countless musicians who have participated as guests in the music production so far and welcomed from a variety of genres, such as Oasis’s Noel Gallagher, A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip, New Order’s Bernard Summer. Along with the guests, they have exploded their music style. The opening number of this work “Eve of Destruction” Length 47:00 Label Astralwerks participated by NENE from the Japanese hip hop duo, Yurufuwagang, and this is the first time Japanese artist has participated in a song for Chemical Brothers.


They were doing live shows and DJ vigorously from the release of the previous work to the production of this work. In the performance, they performed “Free Yourself”, “Go to Keep On”, “MAH” etc., which are also included in this album, and observed the audience reactions at that time and re-edited in the studio. They are known for the high live performance skills, for them, live shows and DJ-set should be a good stimulus to know the atmosphere in the scene. As a result, this work is also a work that naturally reflects their spirit of “We want to make songs that can be enjoyed live”. Surprisingly, they pulled out the equipment that was used 20 years ago to create this album and recreated the studio like the old days. Of course, the spec of old equipment is far from the latest modern equipment. However, as they touched the old equipment again, the first impulse and rough acid sound returned to their work again.


Speaking of 20 years ago the album “Surrender” was just released. In a way, this album was created by a new attempt, proposes the aesthetic of the unchanging style that they have reached with their careers. This work, which has made great progress while looking back on the past, further raises expectations for the Fuji Rock Festival this year, which has been decided to a headliner.



Chemical Brothers
UK’s leading music unit formed in 1992 by Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons. They have been on the cutting edge of the world’s dance music scene for over 20 years.


Photo Taijun Hiramoto
Select & Text Mayu Kakihata
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