Music for Journey

Music for Journey

A pleasant music to travel with

The 4 pioneers at the forefront of the Japanese music scene selected the music they want to listen to while traveling. The music chosen from each point of view shall make the mood of a journey even more wonderful.


Forget about your work while traveling
I want comfortably listen to the album
Selected by DJ NORI

01. Tradition In Transition / Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro
02. It May Sound Silly / Gladstone Anderson&Mudies All Stars 1989
03. 69 / Wilson Tanner / 2016
04. Azimüth / Azimüth / 1975
05. Dub Voyage / Twilight Circus Dub Sound System / 2000
06. Sapphire / John Martyn / 1984
07. Everything’s Beautiful / Miles Davis&Robert Glasper / 2015
08. Travels / Pat Metheny Group / 1983
09. Light The Light / Seawind /1979
10. Film Of Life / Tony Allen / 2014
11. Tre / Archimedes Badkar / 1977
12. If Not Now When / Vangelis Katsoulis / 2017
13. Words Of A Mountain / Wally Badarou / 1989
14. Live At Blues Alley / Eva Cassidy / 1996
15. La Mecánica Popular / La Mecánica Popular / 2012
16. Ali Farka Touré with Ry Cooder /Talking Timbuktu / 1994


“Because of my profession, I always think about what I’m going to play next. So, I wanted to choose albums instead of one song at a time. It’s just a good idea to listen to music through the albums relaxedly. Rather than the dance music like I usually play, I recommend albums that are suitable for a laid-back holiday feeling such as Afrobeat, Latin, Ambient Jazz, etc. I’d like to enjoy the artwork of the album covers that make you feel like traveling. ” DJ NORI
One of the leading DJs in Japan, having traveled to the United States in the 1980s, who has played with LARRY LEVAN. He has a career of over 35 years as a DJ and continues to be active in every music scene.




Like drawing a gradient
refreshing mellow tunes
Selected by Shuya Okino

・In All My Wildest Dreams / Joe Sample
・Space Commercial / Eddie Harris
・After the Love / George Duke
・Lullaby (feat. Tom Misch) / Barney Artist
・Hark (feat. Alfa Mist) / Tom Misch
・Falling (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke) / Alfa Mist
・Forgotten Ones / Culross Close
・Space is the Place / Ezra Collective
・Hot Air Balloons (feat. Alex Isley) / タンク・アンド・ザ・バンガス
・Echo / JUPTR
・They Call Me / Tiana Khasi
・The Power Of Same ft. Muhsinah / 14KT
・Shady Shoes (Original Mix) / Nine To Five
・Heaven Only Knows (feat. Nia Andrews) / Ryan Porter The Light/Rosie Lowe

“It’s a selection of mellow tunes made by mixing old and new music. I was choosing tunes like if I was drawing a gradient, such as finding a relationship between tones and connecting them with artists. Every year I play at a beach festival in Montenegro and I’m imagining the songs are played at a bar during daytime hours on the beach. Wouldn’t it be nice if it’s playing on a swimming pool side of resort hotels or at beaches when you’re traveling?” Shunya Okino
Composer and radio DJ, producer of the long-established club “The Room” in Shibuya. In the early 90s, KYOTOJAZZ MASSIVE, a brother duo formed with his younger brother, Yoshihiro Okino, achieved worldwide success and was indispensable in the Japanese crossover-jazz scene.


Pleasant timbre of instruments
Listen absently in a room
Selected by Gakuji “CHABE” Matsuda

・Home Made Ice Cream / Tony joe white
・Integrity / Kamasi Washington
・カリブカリブ / ピラニアンズ
・Na Baixa Do Sapateiro / Joao Gilberto
・Milou / Stephane Grappelli
・Happy Talk / Martin Denny
・Nut Rocker / Shades
・Misty / Richard “Groove” Holmes
・Love’s Theme / 20th Century Steel Band
・Whistle Stop / Joao Donato
・Flea Market / Gary McFarland
・On The Sunny Side Of The Ocean / John Fahey
・Latin Goes Ska / The Skatalites
・Waiting for Love / Jackie Mittoo
・Blue Marine / L.U.C.A.

“All the tunes I chose this time are instrumental music. Because there are no lyrics, you can become honest with the sounds that jump into your ears and I chose them because I wanted to feel comfortable without being influenced by lyrics. I somehow feel like it’s inconsistent to listen to music while I’m walking around the city, so it would be nice coming back tiredly from walking and playing the music with a soft sound while I’m relaxing and opening a bottle of light flavored beer in an unfamiliar room at someplace I’m staying over. It’s just a complete fantasy.” Gakuji “CHABE” Matsuda
Kit gallery /LEARNERS. A key figure who continues to lead the Japanese music scene with a variety of talents, such as DJ, musician, and remixer, while hosting Harajuku Kit Gallery. In recent years, he has been providing music to artists, also being active as a member of the band called LEARNERS.


Spend time listening to music from around the world
A way of spending summer in remote regions
Selected by Masatoshi Uemura

・11.11.90 (Beat Version) / Nathan Micay
・Cheeks / Mori Ra
・Jungle Music (Austin Ato Remix) / Balako
・Firecracker / Khruangbin
・LMK (What’s Really Good Remix) / Kelela feat Princess Nokia
・Nana / Polo&Pan
・Tuareg / Gal Costa
・I’m Not In Love / Kelsey Lu
・In Love With You / The Paradise
・Sea Of Dreams (Turbotit Remix) / Baby Alpaca
・Rap Piano Medley / Chilly Gonzales
・Moual-Improvisation / Mustapha Skandrani
・A Young Girl’s Complaint / Tsegue Maryam Guebrou

“The sound of a piano played by Tegue-Maryam from Ethiopia and Mustapha Skandrani from Algeria are great to cool down. 10cc classic ‘I’m Not in Love’ covered by the hot artist, Kesley Lu and ‘Cheeks’ by upcoming mysterious Japanese tropical house artist are perfect tunes for this summer. I often travel to remote regions so, I would like to listen to it when I feel like going back to a hotel and chill because of its wildness.” Masatoshi Uemura
A chief buyer of bonjour records. bonjour records is a music boutique, not only specializes in vinyl or CDs but also clothing, books, and general goods. He is also active as DJ and selector as well as he continues to offers cutting-edge music, fashion, and art.


Interview & Text Mayu Kakihata
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