lost & found
Jorja Smith the debut studio album, Released 8 June 2018, Recorded 2016 - 2018, Length 46:00, 
Label FAMM, Distribution The Orchard

lost & found
Jorja Smith the debut studio album, Released 8 June 2018, Recorded 2016 - 2018, Length 46:00, 
Label FAMM, Distribution The Orchard

I listened to it many times on the day I discovered it – Love at First Listening.

When was the last time I bought a record by making a pre-order? Presumably, it has been 20 years since I did so last. Jorja Smith is a wonderful musician. She was the one who made me willing to buy a vinyl through pre-order.


I try to buy a vinyl when I really love that music. I keep this habit for nearly 20 years now but in the last few years, I couldn’t encounter any new music that I wanted to have on vinyl. The criteria for music I buy on vinyl is “whether I will love it throughout the ages, or not”.


Though this is my personal subjective view, I have a lot of records that are considered as historical masterpieces. Since I have been DJing as a hobby for over 20 years, I believe I have collected many masterpieces. Every time I’m DJing, I always stick to my personal policy, which is that I must put on what I love and shouldn’t play what I will not listen in a few years.


I love The Internet, Blood Orange and Frank Ocean a lot and have them on vinyl obviously. In the last few years, there were only few artists who I bought on vinyl. In such a situation, I encountered a song called “Blue Lights” by Jorja Smith. I listened to it many times on the day I discovered it – Love at First Listening, if I may say. Listening to a favourite song many times a day. The last time I can remember me acting like that was when I was in my 20’s. This piece caught my heart so much.


Born in 1997, Jorja Smith is an English singer-songwriter. Her father was the lead singer of the neo soul group, 2nd Naicha. Smith grew up listening to reggae, soul and rock and said that she had been influenced by Lauryn Hill.


In 2016, she released her debut single “Blue Lights”, which made her start to work actively and musicians such as Drake and Skrillex hailed her strongly. In 2018, she won the Critics’ Choice Award, which Brit Awards determine a rising-star by members’ voting (the past winners include Adele and Sam Smith). Later, she performed “I am” as a vocalist which is on the soundtrack album for “Black Panther” produced and curated by Kendrick Lamar.


Finally, the long awaited first studio album, “lost & found” was released last June. It seems like the Fashion scene also gives great attention to her. Smith was seen in pictures together with artists such as Kim Jones, Virgil Abloh and SKEPTA during the Paris Fashion Week Men’s in June. Maybe because she has a link to fashion, people often compare her to Rihanna. But I personally feel pathos and intelligence in her which Shade has.


Smith’s music made me remember that I have been a devoted fan of Shade for more than 20 years. When I was listening to Jorja Smith during a shooting trip in this May, a photographer in the crew got also hooked by her music. Apparently, he continued listening Jorja Smith even after coming back from the trip and also became a fan. This is something I noticed later but the photographer took Smith’s official live photos when she came to Japan for Summer Sonic before he got a job offer from us. Isn’t this story too beautiful to be true? Last but not least, I would like to say that the photographer in this story is one of the best photographers in Japan, who has been taking pictures of professional musicians both in and outside of the country. Smith’s music touches the hearts of many people.


Even after 20 years, Jorja Smith‘s”lost & found” will be listened to through the generations as an evergreen masterpiece and go down in the history of music. Good music stays together with the season, smell, weather and sensations of that moment you heard I first, By the time the first issue of Silver is published, nights will be warm and breezy. Absolutely feel good, I assume. My favourite season. Listening to this music, I will walk up the hill. And in the next year, if I feel the breeze and music, I will remember how hot it was in the summer 2018.



Jorja Smith

born in 1997 in Walshall, England. Debut in 2016. She became the winner of the BRIT’s Critics’ Choice Award at Brit 2018.



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