Released 29th January 2021
Length 39:57 Transgressive

Released 29th January 2021
Length 39:57 Transgressive

A debut album full of fresh and loving energy.

The cold winter is fading away and the warm spring is just around the corner. Saying goodbye to coats and jumpers that warmed you up during wintertime, it’s time to say hello to your favourite band T-shirt again. I just noticed that there are new records I bought recently on top of the heart-warming albums that I spent the winter listening to. Like updating your wardrobe, music changes with the season. In spring, I always want to find new encounters in a fresh mood. Arlo Parks’ debut album, Collapsed In Sunbeams, is one of the seasonal albums which makes you feel the arrival of spring.
Born in London in 2000, Arlo Parks is a singer-songwriter and a poet who has her roots in Nigeria, Chad and France. Having caught attention with her debut single, Cola, in 2018, she was nominated for ‘Sound of 2020′ by the BBC, and her following release, Eugene, was added to playlists by BBC Radio 1. Furthermore, her England and European tour tickets sold-out. She is, for sure, an upcoming young artist. Last year, she appeared in a short film produced by Gucci, and attended the Dior show as a guest during Milan Fashion Week in 2021. She is a sought-after artist, not only in the music industry, but also as a fashion icon. This debut album, which was released in January 2021, consists of 12 tracks, including popular singles such as Eugene, Black Dog, Hurt and GreenEyes, and I think it is full of the right charm for her first album. Having written a novel, kept a journal and been drawn to Spoken Word, Parks had a spirit of intelligent inquiry since childhood. From Allen Ginsburg and Jim Morrison, to modern writers such as Nayyirah Waheed, Hanif Abdurraqib and Ian S. Thomas, she loves reading poems and you can tell through her pieces that their works give her creative inspiration. A title song, Collapsed In Sunbeams, starting with a poetry reading, gives the whole album a narrative fashion, while lyrics and sophisticate rhythms create good feeling. You find her sense of respect towards ‘words’ through an approach closer to poetry-reading than rapping, which is occasionally inserted into pieces such as Hope, Bluish, Portra400. But at the same time, she seems to use her sense of ‘speaking’ and ‘reading’ to create pieces of music. Projecting her intelligent aesthetic and nostalgic interpretation of the world, which is created by her drowsy yet pure vocals, the album is overflowing with loving energy like the sunlight that illuminates us, tired of the fast changes in our daily lives. I cannot wait to see the future endeavours of Arlo Parks, who made an outstanding debut album.
The moment when you place the needle onto a new vinyl is always exciting. In spring, I want to listen to refreshing soft rock music, while in summer it is nice to go driving with a playlist of AOR and Free Soul. In autumn I yearn for Bill Evans, while in winter Simon & Garfunkel will suit my mood best… The year I spend with music as the seasons goes by is passing by just like that. It is sort of my habit to arrange my favourite albums on shelves, and switch them around according to the season. Spring is a season for new starts. While listening to the album full of fresh and young allure, it would be nice if you’d spend some time to think about your ‘Daily Chic.’
Arlo Parks
Born August 9th, 2000. A singer-songwriter from East London who has roots in Nigeria, Chad and France. Making a debut with release single Cola, she received high acclaim. She draws attention not only from music world, but also from fashion scene.

Photo Taijun Hiramoto Select & Text Mayu Kakihata
Translation Fumie Tsuji
https://tower.jp/item/5119902/ Collapsed-In-Sunbeams
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