Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with

Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with


Comb (The Traditionalist-The Godfather) ¥6480, Comb (The Traditionalist-The Eldest) ¥6480, Comb (Il Piccolo) ¥3240, Comb (The Conciliator) ¥6480, Comb (The Impudent) ¥3240, Comb (The Casanova) ¥3240 by Officine Universelle Buly
Combs that match your hair type, en route to a perfect hairstyle

Buly has plenty of combs to choose from. Created by artisans in a workshop in Switzerland, Buly’s combs are made from acetate composed of high-quality cellulose, which allows them to create a diverse range of combs for a wide variety of hair types such as afros, curly hair, and even beards. Just as most take care of their skin, it is important to partake in hair care, starting with a good comb. Hair that has been disturbed by sea water or a sea breeze will be back to looking beautiful in no time with a Buly comb. No matter what your hair type or hair needs may be, Buly has a comb that will suit you.

Oral care
Unchanged French simple care

Even though most hotels have disposable toothbrush sets available, convenience does not beat a durable and long-lasting toothbrush like Buly’s. The acetate handle can be customized with prints of names, initials, or favorite words. The brush’s badger hair and silk bristles will gently clean your teeth without damaging your gums. Their mouthwash and toothpaste use water harvested from the hot springs of Southern France that are effective in preventing periodontal disease and treating mucous membranes. The copper tongue cleaner makes use of traditional wisdom and ideas to utilize the natural antibacterial nature of copper.

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Toothbrush(silk) ¥6156, Toothbrush(badger) ¥6156, Tongue scraper ¥1296, Mouth wash ¥4212, Tooth paste ¥3132 by Officine Universelle Buly

Pajama top ¥118800, Pajama pants ¥105840 by The Elder Statesman (EDSTROM OFFICE)
Special nightwear to enjoy the extraordinary

When on an open journey, it is important to spend extraordinary time in special pajamas. Elder Statesman is a luxury knitwear brand from LA using high quality cashmere sourced from around the world. The brand has a strong image of high quality knitwear crafted in their Los Angeles factory, but we’d like to introduce their silk pajamas from their latest season. As a brand that takes pride in the materials their source for their knits, their silk pajamas exude that same quality and are soft to the touch. These gorgeous pajamas are a set with high impact that feel outrageous in a good way when worn in a single room. With a psychedelic pattern, this pair of pajamas is fit for whatever open journey lies ahead.

A comfortable fit that won’t disturb your down time

To have fun in any situation, comfortable underwear is an crucial starting point. A long-established everyday clothing brand dating back to 1860, Sunpel makes high quality men’s underwear, with a soft touch. Made from Sea Island Cotton, one of the finest types of cotton, their boxer shorts are produced in limited quantities by craftsmen at the Sunspel factories. A desire to maintain their high standard of quality has led the Sunpel team to pass down the tradition of craftsmanship from generation to generation to ensure their expectations of quality are met. Stella McCartney’s lingerie pursues fit down to the smallest details, and ensures that women look and feel beautiful. The delicate lace and elegant velvet material makes for a Stella McCartney-esque elegant and feminine impression. In addition to the design of the lingerie itself, the harmony of the pieces with the body make the set attractive for women.

Boxer pants ¥27000 by SUNSPEL (SUNSPEL Omotesando) Brassiere ¥16848 Panties ¥11016 by STELLA McCARTNEY LINGERIE (TANI JAPAN)
Rolex GMT-Master

ROLEX GMT-MASTER REF.1675 1978 SS&YG ¥1738000, ROLEX GMT-MASTER REF.1675 M 1966 Gilt Dial ¥3658000 (ANTIQUE CORLEONE)


A classic watch born from a plane ride

The GMT-MASTER is a model that originally gained popularity amongst pilots due to its practicality, and continues to be loved due to its glorious history. CORLEONE, a vintage Rolex Tudor specialty store located in Harajuku, is always lined with vintage models in great condition.CORLEONE was kind enough to introduce two beautiful GMT-MASTER pieces to us.

The GMT-MASTER REF.1675 SS and YG, made in 1978, shine with a powerful gold radiance that exudes mature style. “The roots of this black and gold model lie in the GMT-MASTER’s classic red and blue bezel, nicknamed ‘Pepsi’. At the time, the Pepsi model was commonly found on the wrists of American Pan Am pilots. While simple, the red and blue bezel design was revolutionary at the time because it allowed pilots to see the time of two countries simultaneously.

During the 1960s to 1970s, the gold bezel GMT-MASTER REF.1675 SS and YG were created at the request of Pan Am pilots who wanted a watch to wear for social occasions, as gold was a status symbol at the time. Because Rolex has always been designed to professional specifications, the design is not meant to just be beautiful, but also to operate as a form of functional beauty with intention infused in every detail. This is part of the reason why Rolex watches continue to shine and hold their value.

Additionally, the GMT-MASTER REF. 1675 M Gilt Dial made in 1966 is a classic watch that is difficult to find in good condition today. The rivet brace equipped with studs on its sides is made through an elaborate construction process that winds a single stainless steel plate. The characteristic of this era is denoted by its thin stainless steel that gives a sharp and elegant impression that is combined with a feeling of vintage romance when worn. The slightly raised crown mark, commonly known as “Debeso”, symbolizes the original brace of the 1960s. “Many customers who have purchased a GMT-MASTER are pleased to find it useful during their business trips and travels.” In the current digital age, it may be true that digital watches more accurately tell time. However, Rolex’s allure remains undying due to its functional beauty and eternal romance.


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CONTAX T3D/BK ¥ask, OLYMPUS XA A11 ¥ask by Film Camera Tokyo (Film Camera Tokyo Harajuku)


Unexpected charm not found in digital peers

Everything you see on your trip feels fresh and beautiful. To capture the emotions and scenery at that moment, we take pictures with a “camera”. To record that special moment of the trip, it is more desirable to burn that scene onto film as opposed to using a smartphone or digital camera. Photographer Yusuke Yamatani discusses the appeal of compact film cameras with us. “Large format cameras reflect the photographer’s total control, but compact cameras have unexpected accidents, and in a sense, you’re not entirely responsible for pressing the shutter. That’s good.” When you develop film and look at the thermal sensations and emotions recorded, the blurring and the darkness of the photos add to the scenery you witnessed and represent the unique warmth of film cameras. “If you have one Contax T3, you can do anything in a sense. I have been friends with the T3 since I started photography. I set the camera to auto and use it only because I know the ins and outs of the camera. The T3 handles situations with dark lighting fairly well.

“The size and weight of a camera you take on a trip is an important point as well. “Konica’s RECORDER camera is smaller than a bifold wallet and shoots half-frame landscape shots by design. The camera won the Good Design Award at the time and has a flash as well as a date stamp. I also recommend the Olympus XA. The XA is more of a manual compact camera with control over the aperture, but the camera still allows you the enjoy the accidents.” The Olympus XA has an appealing slide cover that acts as the lens cap so that you never miss any moments while traveling. It is also fun to change cameras depending on the situation. “When I go out with my family, I bring Fuji’s Cardia Hite. Because it can be found online for cheap, I’m not irritated even if my kid drops and breaks it (laughs). Despite its price, the camera is equipped with an F2.8 lens and handles dark situations beautifully with pretty bokeh. The self-timer feature also makes it perfect for family pictures.” As smartphone camera performance has improved year after year, the demand for film cameras has also increased. In response to this trend, Yamatani remarked, “The history of photography has demanded that people be able to easily take photos like a memo or diary, but apparently photos or memos are not interchangeable with just a photo. Everyone seems to be aware of this.” A film camera goes beyond the act of recording and captures the memories, accidents, and emotions of that time in a souvenir that cannot be bought with money.


Photo Taijun Hiramoto Text Mayu Kakihata Special Thanks TRUNK (HOTEL)

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