Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with

Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with

Hender Scheme
All-purpose sandals that get better with wear

Sandals that are easy to slip in and out of in hotels and on the plane are an absolute must for travellers. Hender Scheme’s slippers entitled, “Atelier Slippers” came from the designer’s need for a slipper that they could relax in and wear at the factory and atelier. Made with durable nume leather, the slippers mold to the wearer’s feet and change color with use. Equipped with light and comfortable Vibram soles, these slippers/sandals provide all day comfort so you can walk out and about in the neighborhood to and from your hotel room without the need for socks or shoes.

Sandals ¥15120 by Hender Scheme (sukima Ebisu)
Straw hat

Straw hat ¥97200 by Nick Fouquet (EDSTROM OFFICE) Straw hat (Mexico) ¥30780 by WACKO MARIA by (PARADISE TOKYO)


On vacation with a summery look

Straw Hats are a must if a travel destination is warm. Straw hats not only block sunlight while you relax on the beach or poolside, but also create a summery appearance fit for the weather. Los Angeles-based hat maker Nick Fouquet designs hats that include his signature matchstick with his past experiences of travel in mind. His hats are inspired by his love for travel that dates back to his youth. Currently based in Los Angeles, Fouquet produces all of his hats by hand in his atelier. Wacko Maria’s Panama hats are all made of Ecuadorian toquilla straw by craftsmen in Japan. Wacko Maria has 4 types of Panama hats, but among them, their “Mexico” hat with its distinct warped brim is the perfect item for traveling as it allows you to enjoy the vacation feeling. Wacko Maria’s emphasis on quality and attention to detail makes their brand special.



L to R
Candle (TUBEREUSE) ¥8316, Candle (SANTAL) ¥8316 by diptyque (diptyque Japan) Candle (SAFRAN) ¥10044 by BYREDO (EDSTROM OFFICE) Candle (Citta `di Kyoto) ¥4536, Candle (Melograno) ¥8424 by (Santa Maria Novella Ginza) Mini candle (BOHEMIA) ¥5076 by BYREDO (EDSTROM OFFICE)
Precious time that flows slowly with the flicker of the flame

One of the pleasures of traveling is to wind down by lighting your favorite scented candle and to feel time flow slowly. Byredo’s “Saffron” scent is a sweet and gentle fragrance inspired by the founder Ben Gorham’s childhood memories of the traditional Swedish sweet, lussekatt. Bohemia’s candle expresses a free way of living through its smokey, oriental scent that enhances the worldview of travel. Diptyque proposes a new olfactory experience that combines two different scents like an artist would mix two colors on their palette. Among them, the duo of “Santal” and “Tuberuse” is reminiscent of the fragrance of flowers carried on trees & carts on elephants in tropical regions of Asia. With a 400 year history in Italy, the pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella presents the “Pomegranate” candle, which is fragrant of the fruit that represents richness for many ethnic groups scattered around the Mediterranean Sea. The pale and light blue “Citta di Kyoto” is a candle that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the sister city partnership between Florence and Kyoto through its gorgeous scent of irises and lotuses, allowing you to feel the mood of the two cities simultaneously.

Travel requires important analog time

Whether it’s writing down the address of a hotel or drawing the scenery, there are a surprising number of situations where notebooks and pens come in handy. Since you are traveling, it becomes ever important to bring along your favorite notebook and pen. Located in front of Kuramae, Kakimori is a select stationery store that allows you to make your own notebook by selecting the cover, inner paper, and fasteners to your liking. The ability to swap out the inner paper when you’re out enables you to continue to use the notebook for a long time and is also the secret to their popularity. Italian brand Parafernalia’s ball point pens is an analog gem that extends the pen tip when the screw is turned and locks in place when the screw is turned the opposite way. While a spring-loaded pen is convenient, this extra step becomes another memory of your trip.

Note ¥ (depends on your choice), Pen ¥8100 by Kakimori

Chess set ¥267840 by dunhill
“Play” for gentlemen who want to have fun while traveling

Once the city has settled down and shops have closed, one still has the desire to stay up late and enjoy the night at the hotel. With a glass in one hand and a pawn in the other, being able to play chess in this manner is an experience unique to traveling. Dunhill, a representative brand of the UK, creates a beautiful chess set with black pieces made of ebony wood, white pieces made of natural and luxurious wood, and a chess board embossed in high quality leather. It can be stored and carried in a leather Boston bag, so you can enjoy the game on the road. From their high quality suits and shoes to their fashion accessories, Dunhill’s products exude a sense of dandyism and mature dignity that will not fade with time. Dunhill’s London headquarters includes a room meant specifically for games, and sends the message that play is an important part of the adult lifestyle.


Beoplay A1 ¥29900 by Bang & Olufsen (Bang & Olufsen Japan)


Portable speakers with no compromise in sound quality or design

How do you spend your time in a hotel room? It feels too nonsensical to watch a TV show when you’re in a place completely different from your norm. Instead, listening to music that matches the mood of the scenery before you seems like the right call, whether you’re at the beach or in your hotel room. The Bang & Olufsen wireless speakers are designed by one of Denmark’s leading industrial designers Cecilie Manz, and fine tuned by audio technicians who measure and tune each sound. Equipped with superb sound quality expected of a trustworthy brand, and a minimal, sophisticated design typical of Bang & Olufsen, their wireless speakers allow anyone to enjoy a relaxing time wherever they may be. Equally appealing is the strap attached to the speakers that allows the user to hang it on a door knob or hook to suit any environment. With all these features and its lightweight design (600g), it’s hard to go wrong with the Bang & Olufsen wireless speakers.

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