Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with

Wardrobe Things that share memories of the journey with

TrunkLouis Vuitton


A personal travel memoir to contain your precious memories
Louis Vuitton’s long history first began with the introduction of the luggage trunk. Mr. Louis Vuitton began his apprenticeship as a trunk maker when he was 16 years old, and went on to secede and establish the brand we know today as Louis Vuitton when he was 33 years old. The original trunks created by the company were constructed with simple locks, and as a result became common targets of theft. In order to allow his customers to travel without the worry of theft, Mr. Vuitton began to research lock systems that would secure travelers’ luggage and dissipate their concerns.

Mr. Vuitton’s wishes were fulfilled by his son Georges Vuitton who inherited that thought and ultimately obtained a patent for an innovative lock system that he invented. That same lock system is still in use today, and the accomplishments of Mr. Vuitton and his son continue to play a crucial role in protecting the luggage of travelers. Louis Vuitton provides a repair service in hopes that people will fill their products with memories over a long lifespan. Because the repair service will fix any issues that arise throughout the lifetime of the product, users can enjoy their bags for long periods of time. The scuffs and stains that accumulate throughout the use of the bag ultimately become the physical memory of the journey itself.

Mini bag

Bunny Mini Bag ¥113400 by LOEWE (LOEWE JAPAN customerservice)
A charming partner created by craftsmanship

Loewe has produced a number of animal motif items thus far, but the Bunny series has quickly established its steadfast popularity as a new classic model. The animal series originally began with craftsmen making animals out of leftover pieces of leather in the studio. The series features three dimensional leather goods made in the shape of animals with minimal stitching. This season, the careful and precise craftsmanship of Loewe’s team has allowed them to created bunny bags woven from the fibrous material raffia as they would with leather. As a natural material, raffia is resistant to cracking and allows the user to use the bags without worrying about them losing their shape in any climate. The small bunny bag is reminiscent of a life size bunny and is perfect for light shopping or a dinner. Loewe’s long history of craftsmanship and experience with materials makes the charming animal series special products made possible only by Loewe.

Passport case
Bottega Veneta
A luxurious passport case

Passport cases may be items that you only bring during travel, but that is enough of a reason to choose a quality item that will last you a long time. Bottega Veneta’s new passport case made of soft Napa leather offers a sleek, timeless design that leaves a mature impression. The color selection ranges from vivid to chic, and features a genderless design that can be used by couples and even families. Appointed as the creative director in July of 2018, Daniel Lee brings an aesthetic that preserves the heritage of Bottega Veneta while also incorporating contemporary fashion elements to modernize the collection. In addition to clothes designed to be life wear, the new collection features leather items necessary for modern life as well.

Passport case ¥43200 by Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta Japan)
Scarf & Stall

Top to Bottom
Stall ¥39960 by Pierre-Louis Mascia Scarf ¥15120 by Jean Jacques Rogers Scarf ¥15120 by Jean Jacques Rogers Scarf ¥19440 by Kinlock(TOMORROWLAND)


An item that enriches a limited wardrobe

Ideally, most people would like to enjoy different outfits daily as they travel, but the reality of fashion while abroad is limited by the confines of a single suitcase. In a small wardrobe, scarves and stoles are versatile items that add accents to clothes that tend to trend toward one pattern. With the ability to dress up or down, scarves and stoles of different patterns and colors widen the possibility for a variety of outfit combinations. Jean Jacques Roger’s scarves feature original patterns that give an eastern oriental impression, while Kinloch scarves give outfits a fun pop of color by utilizing motifs and landscapes from various countries. Pierre-Louis Mascia’s stoles leave a strong impression with their unique patterns that are individually dyed by careful hands to create fine art out of the soft stoles themselves. Scarves and stoles can be wrapped around the neck before a dinner party or slung over the shoulder when it gets cold, with uses limited only by one’s imagination. For traveling, they act as the ultimate item to allow one to enjoy their journey in any situation.




A beautiful desination reflected in vivid lenses

Going out to the beach or shopping while traveling typically results in a long day. In addition to protecting your eyes from the bright sunlight, unique and colorful sunglasses are must-have items for your trip that will also enhance your mood. During the 60s, Courreges proposed an innovative design to the fashion scene at the time and continued that ethos last year when Yolanda Zobel joined the team as the creative director and brought with her a refreshing sense of modernism to the new 2019 AW collection. From sunglasses with futuristic blue lenses and cat-eye frames to big, square frames reminiscent of the 70s, the collection includes unique models that are bound to draw attention. Another series of sunglasses worthy of highlighting are the pairs from the longstanding collaboration between MYKITA and Maison Margiela. Their ECHO series features sunglasses that incorporate athletic nuances while the brand new RAW series features unique cat-eye frames with an unfinished touch that leave a feminine and cool impression. Equipped with a broad perspective, MYKITA and Maison Margiela create functional and well-designed eyewear that expand the possibilities of eyewear.

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