Surfing in Travelling
Colin Tunstall (Saturdays NYC) There is always a surf at the heart of a journey

Surfing in Travelling
Colin Tunstall (Saturdays NYC) There is always a surf at the heart of a journey



Do not hesitate to bring a good board

Always surf on the trip. In Japan and Australia where the shops are located and where he keeps his board, he also brings his board sometimes when traveling to other countries. This is a mid-length single fin from McCallum Surfboards. The creative and artistic modern classical board is one of his favorite functional pieces.


Necessities of surfing that can be cherished for a long time

Wetsuits are essential for surfing. The collaboration piece with “Fit system” which was born out of a friendship with Kohei Chiba features high-quality products such as manual draping and simple and chic design that can be used for a long time. Saturdays NYC’s towels are always packed in suitcases.


The only one born from a trip to Japan

The folded leather wallet, which he uses regularly, features lightning patterned embossing.”I was inspired by the design of the elevator door when I went to a sushi restaurant in Hotel Okura Tokyo. I made just one for myself. Only one in the world which I only have. Travel is also a source of inspiration.


Classy, practical items that senses surf culture

Jackets and dress shoes are indispensable for his business trips. The soft silhouette wool jacket, velvet loafers, and espadrille-style shoes are all from Saturdays NYC. It is a classy useful items that can be used for business situations while feeling the surf culture.


Handmade leather case that engraves memories of travel

A hand-made leather holder made in Tokyo that holds your travel essentials and your passport. The staff’s wife’s dad makes leather goods in Tokyo which I liked, so I went to the factory and made it. A product with full of Japanese craftsmanship will continue to memorize his travels in the future.


Useful backpack full of functional-beauty

The Porter’s packable backpack, which features all-black simple design and durable nylon, is also an indispensable partner of his journey. “It’s lightweight, compact and easy to carry, so it’s always in a suitcase. It’s convenient when you go on a day trip or buy souvenirs. I often go on a day trip from Tokyo to Osaka”.


Take your favorites to your trip without any change

“Most of the items are from Saturdays NYC, but my favorite cologne is the “Sunday Cologne” from Byredo”. cologne with the name of “Sunday” is a typical choice of him. Shaving cream and pomade are from Saturdays NYC. It’s Colin’s style to take his favorites on the trip.


Bring friendship along with clothes.

The wind sea pullover is a gift from his best friend, Takashi Kumagai.
It is convenient when you get out of the sea and feeling a little chilly. Also, Saturdays NYC’s simple swim shorts that can be worn both in the sea and in the city are always packed. There is always surfing at the center of his journey.


Digital & analog accessories to enrich your trip

Bringing earphones and an adapter to a cabin. He often listens to the same mellow music as he usually travels. The Montblanc pen used for filling in immigration documents is a gift from his wife. “I use this pen for signing all the contracts. It’s a precious pen with history”. It’s always beautiful to travel with something you love for a long time.


Colin Tunstall

one of the owners who founded Saturdays NYC in 2007. In 2009, he opened it’s flagship store, which attracted as a lifestyle shop pioneer.


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