Surfing in Travelling
Colin Tunstall (Saturdays NYC) There is always a surf at the heart of a journey

Surfing in Travelling
Colin Tunstall (Saturdays NYC) There is always a surf at the heart of a journey

Balancing surfing and life is essential
Colin Tunstall, the owner of Saturdays NYC, who receives support from all over the world for making clothes based on surf culture. “Balance” is the keyword of his life as a motivation to work hard throughout the week and enjoy weekends. Balance is important for both surfing and life. The items he packed into his suitcase were mainly surf-related things, saying that “Travelling is the best way to balance life”.
A precious moment, along with precious things.
“I’m a frequent traveler. This year, I went to France, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, and I also went to Los Angeles and Miami in the U.S. Maybe about 30 countries. I often travel to the same country many times” says Colin Tunstall, one of the owners of Saturdays NYC. What does that matter to him when he travels. The interview began with such a question.

“I’m always curious about surf spots. The place where you can surf is also a vacation spot and it’s really beautiful !. I surfed in Shikoku in Japan, and I often go surfing in Australia. I’m going to San Sebastian in Spain this summer. The Basque region has good food and good waves! I took a walk around Waimea Canyon in Kauai, where I went for work last time and surfed at Hanalei Bay and Hanapepe“.

Surf spots are mentioned one after another. It’s very natural for someone who loves surfing like him, and that’s why Saturdays NYC’s items are loved by many surfers around the world. And of course, most of his travel items are surf items. Surfboards, wetsuit, hoodies, towels, swim shorts, etc,. Those items that appear to be basic are filled with his unique commitment.


He regularly uses the surfboards made by the young San Diego shaper Jeff McCallum, because he loves unique and artistic modern classical design with the signed laminated dollar bill while inheriting the tradition from his master Chris Christenson. The wetsuit is a collaboration between “Fit systems” and Saturdays NYC, which was born out of a friendship with legendary Japanese surfer, Kouhei Chiba. It also features a simple, durable design and high functionality and mobility made with manual draping. Choosing such a long-loved craftsmanship as a surf tool is a part that leads to making Saturdays NYC products. And that mind is carried through when selecting small items. A leather passport case and wallet ordered from leather craftsman in Tokyo, and a Montblanc fountain pen that has signed many papers…. It is a precious moment, along with precious things. The philosophy of his journey can be seen.

“Balancing is important for surfing, but also balance is very important for life as well. As our brand’s name indicates, working hard in New York City, 5 days a week, especially on Saturdays, it is the day to try new things, discover new things and enjoy positive things. And traveling is the best way to balance life. Working hard, getting tired or traveling when you’re depressed will give you the motivation to work and the opportunity to discover new things. After enjoying the trip you can fully charge your body and soul, and it encourages you to go back to work and do your best !. In my case, learning about the surf culture in each country is a great experience”. That’s how he considers the importance of traveling for his life. For him, traveling is a creative inspiration, it’s what makes his favorite surfing more exciting, it enriches his life. That’s why he continues to travel around the world.

We asked if there is a place he wants to go in the future. “It’s my dream to boat trip through the Mentawai Island in Indonesia. There are so many surf spots with a group of islands. Staying on a boat for a couple of days, and it’s great to enjoy surfing while moving the point depending on the conditions of the waves. I definitely want to go someday”. Even when he goes on such a longing trip, his suitcase will surely be packed with the products introduced this time. Traveling with a craftsmanship that can be loved for a long time will make his life even more fulfilling.

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