Fashion styles are versatile and individual. Some always wear the same clothes and others wear something new every time you meet them. If you have a unique item or a custom that can be defined as your identity, your style can be deeper in its meaning. In this section, we would like to talk about favourite things of those, who have been influencing us with their unique fashion styles. We believe they inspire us and show us how important it is to have an individual style that is your identity.



Needless to say, punk is not a genre of music but an attitude. This attitude embodies “Be Yourself!”, an absolute philosophy that we should never forget until we die. But in terms of style, its tartan check became an iconic symbol representing punk.


It was London in the late 70’s, when Malcolm McLaren opened a bondage boutique “SEX” after having worked as a manager of the New York Dolls. As we all know, he invented Sex Pistoles’ fashion style. A safety pin, a worn-out cotton shirt, patched and sawn slim trousers with tartan fabric. These items were and still are a proof of being part of punk clan even after 50 years without being dismissed as a passing fad. There is a hell of a lot of items symbolizing the punk style. But the fact that tartan patterns particularly have a strong presence maybe because it is a traditional Scottish fabric and also a favourite of the British Royal Family. Say, there is an authority and formality such as Royal Stewart tartan. The punk movement destroyed the preconceived concepts and values of the time with their ideas and creativity to invent their own uniform. Of course, all check patterns are not equal to punk. They were originally for ladies and gentlemen, however, Malcolm has simply imprinted the style of punk into tartan patterns.

Coat ¥194400 by CMMN SWDN (GEM PROJECTOR) Pants ¥56160 by MAGLIANO (Diptrics)



Malcolm McLaren

(Jan 22, 1946 – April 8, 2010) was a London-born fashion designer and entrepreneur. He was also a mastermind of Sex Pistols.




Photo Taijun Hiramoto
Styling Shuhei Yoshida
Illustration Éi Kaneko
Text Ryo Tajima
Translate Fumie Tsuji

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