Fashion styles are versatile and individual. Some always wear the same clothes and others wear something new every time you meet them. If you have a unique item or a custom that can be defined as your identity, your style can be deeper in its meaning. In this section, we would like to talk about favourite things of those, who have been influencing us with their unique fashion styles. We believe they inspire us and show us how important it is to have an individual style that is your identity.



The most important thing for human being is soul and then the appearance comes second. Even this kind of stereotypical common sense would sound like very cheap rhetoric when you see the rock-star like attitude of a mob-star journalist, Hunter Thompson. A pair of teardrop sunglasses with a packet hut. Many people are remind of it through Johnny Depp’s portrayal of this style in a film.


Thompson was active in his carrier during the late 60’s and the early 70’s in the USA. It was a dark era of the Vietnam War with the turbulence of the rise of Hippie culture. People were very confused when seeking for the truth and what they could believe from the media. That was the time the legendary freelance journalist was hammering his typewriter to nail down the reality that was happening in front of his eyes. It is said that Thompson’s writing style as a journalist was established while he was serializing a regular feature, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, for Rolling Stone in 1971. In this way, Hunter Thompson was regarded as a maverick as a synonym for the gonzo journalism. When he covered a story, he tended to throw himself right into the subject of it. In his writing style, he told an actual event while sometimes adding fiction to it. With this brand-new style of writing at the time, he was telling people a real story.


Now, when talking about Thompson’s style, there should be a hat and sunglasses. There is a consistency between his way of working and his fashion style. Looking at an item, one can think of the face to which the item was belonged. This might be, again, a very intricate trap that Thompson has set up secretly.

Hat ¥7560 by C.E (C.E)  Glasses ¥27000 by RANDOLPH (blinc)


Hunter S. Thompson

(July 18, 1937 – February 20, 2005) was an American journalist who founded the gonzo journalism movement. He was a pioneer of new journalism.


Photo Taijun Hiramoto
Styling Shuhei Yoshida
Illustration Éi Kaneko
Text Ryo Tajima
Translate Fumie Tsuji

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