Fashion styles are versatile and individual. Some always wear the same clothes and others wear something new every time you meet them. If you have a unique item or a custom that can be defined as your identity, your style can be deeper in its meaning. In this section, we would like to talk about favourite things of those, who have been influencing us with their unique fashion styles. We believe they inspire us and show us how important it is to have an individual style that is your identity.



It was last year when one of Basquiat’s works was sold at auction for $110.5 million. Basquiat, a young genius, who died of a heroin overdose making him a member of the notorious “27 Club”. In the 80’s when Basquiat was alive, various subculture scenes were flourishing as well as the outbreak of next generations of art, music, and film was happening. Especially in the NY art scene, it went beyond chaos giving birth to a foundation of pop art and its master pieces, which remain vivid till today.

Basquiat stands out from the other artists in terms of his over-all style. He painted wearing a simple T-shirt or a uniform jersey together with a blouson. Other times, he would dress in an oversized luxury suit but barefoot. In 1987, he even became a fashion icon appearing on a catwalk runway for COMME des GARÇONS. Basquiat remains as a fashion icon till today and many people adore him. One of the reasons is probably because he wore clothing in his own way and established an original style. He was also known for embracing the image of being a “celebrity”; He loved Armani suits and had a deep relationship with Andy Warhol. This is the roots of the artist who had both cool and street approaches. His style is often described in two aspects; elegant yet rough and coarse yet delicate.

Football tops ¥42120 by MARTINE ROSE (ADDITION ADELAIDE)  Jacket ¥150120 by CLASS (WHEELIE)



Jean Michael Basquiat

(December 22, 1960 – August 8, 1988)was a NY-Brooklyn born artist, who is known for graffiti art as his main style.


Photo Taijun Hiramoto
Styling Shuhei Yoshida
Illustration Éi Kaneko
Text Ryo Tajima
Translate Fumie Tsuji

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