not just art DEUS EX MACHINA

not just art DEUS EX MACHINA

Expressing intangible culture with art

collection of art that incorporates various cultures such as motorcycle, surf, and car that shapes Deus Ex Machina. There is a huge variety of artworks from the creative director, Carby Tuckwell to fellow artists like Paul Mcneil. All of these artworks can be seen and some are sold at both Deus Ex Machina store in Harajuku and online.


Young Jerks Collaboration Collection

The collaborative collection features Young Jerks, New York-based duo launched as a highlight of the spring-summer 2020 season. The collection comprises a wide range of items from caps to pants with a strong message and impressive vivid colors.


1.T-Shirt ¥6000 2.Crew Neck Sweat ¥12000 3.Jacket ¥15000 4.Jacket ¥18000 5.Sweat T-Shirt ¥10000 6.Half Sleeve Shirt ¥12000 7.Shorts ¥12000 8.Half Sleeve Shirt ¥12000 9.Long T-shirt ¥7500 10.Denim Jacket ¥18000 11.T-Shirt ¥6000 12.T-Shirt ¥6000 13.Cap ¥5500 14.Pants ¥14000 15.Half Sleeve Shirt ¥12000

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Culture and clothes connected by art


In 2006, Deus Ex Machina (Deus) set out to sell custom motorcycle and parts in Australia with their enthusiasm for motorcycle. Deus translates various cultures such as motorcycling, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, etc., into clothes and many other gears. Rather, it may be more natural to call clothes as a part of the brand.

Carby Tuckwell, creative director of Deus, best known as a graphic designer based in Australia and has worked on a world-famous airline logo. He created a variety of artworks based on motorcycle engines, helmets, and surfboard fins to express Deus’s philosophy. The familiar shield logo on which the four letters of DEUS are also drawn by him. From the heart-warming hand-drawn graphics, you can feel the DIY spirit of the brand and warmth of their people. He expresses intangible culture through art to communicates the philosophy of the brand, which many of his artworks can be seen at the store. Deus is also connected to many fellow artists through motorcycles and surfs, such as Paul Mcneil. He is one of the leading contemporary surf artist, who designed the album cover of Beastie Boys and worked on album cover for many other artists. The surfboard he spray-painted is also on display at the store. It is not the only place where you can see his artworks. Deus often releases collaborative collections that incorporate their art pieces into clothing to spread their culture around the world and to wear something that holds the most value in them.


In the spring-summer 2020 season, Deus collaborates with Brooklyn-based duo artists Young Jerks, which their work has been exhibited at the Harajuku store in 2016. Dan Cassaro has worked on the New York Times and Ace Hotel as a font artist and painter, Dan Christofferson has a distinctive touch. The artworks that made use of two specialty fields expressed through custom lettering and illustrations have gained fans around the world. Their theme for the collaborative collection was “Memory of Travel”, as they said “Memories and stories are not arranged in chronological order but arranged in an irregular order in my head”, each item has its typography with various fonts. The illustrations drawn with different touches are outstanding. The collection includes a wide range of products from caps, jackets, T-shirts, and pants with great color options.


Express culture through art and connect it with fashion. To let as many people aware of their enthusiasm in the wonderful culture. Art is an indispensable factor in talking about Deus Ex Machina.

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Photo Taijun Hiramoto Edit & Text Satoru Komura

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