Minimum Things for Relaxing
Masanori Morikawa(CHRISTIAN DADA)

Minimum Things for Relaxing
Masanori Morikawa(CHRISTIAN DADA)

A minimum required things for a relaxation
Digital detox in few days of traveling

Masanori Morikawa is a designer of CHRISTIAN DADA, who has traveled all over the world. He takes his favorite clothes and gadgets to enjoy his relaxing time alone in foreign countries. On the morning of his departure, he stuffs his belongings into a suitcase and heads to an airport. During the Paris collection, he spends intense time on his creative side, and after that, he often leaves Europe to his destination for a trip.

Items and time to reduce myself to zero

Morikawa often stays in Europe for a long time for the Paris Collection. We started our interview by asking what kind of things he packs into his suitcase. “This set is mostly for short trips for about 2 nights. This time, I assumed I would travel to a hot country. Hawaiian shirts, outerwear; gadgets and daily essentials for his relaxation time. I stuff my passport in my bag too. It’s almost the same when I’m working.” A simple suitcase without extra things. Of course, when he travels for business purposes, such as for the Paris Collection, because he has to take so many clothes, the amount of luggage becomes huge. Whether it’s work or when I’m hanging out, band T-shirts, sunglasses, and cosmetics are my essentials. I always stuff it in the morning before going out. I don’t particularly put it in a fancy case, I like to keep it simple and as it is.” As you can see from the CHRISTIAN DADA’s products, the brand incorporates music cultures as one of the brand’s identity. As a symbolic item, a band T-shirt such as Joy Division is crucial to represent himself. “JBL Bluetooth speaker is the basic when I listen to music. I also carry around a small projector to watch YouTube and Netflix. But, I listen to music and watch movies only at night during my trip.
Because I often go on a trip after the Paris Collection, I often listen to relaxing music, as well as music that matches to cityscapes. If it’s in Southeast Asia, these days, I’d like to listen to Thaifunks.

“After the Paris Collection, Morikawa always goes on a trip. “I travel a lot on my own, but I don’t take books with me and I try not to work or go on Social Networks while traveling. It’s kind of like a digital detox. The only gadget I walk around with is a camera, and the rest are devices to make myself relax in my room. When I’m in Japan, surrounded by Social Networks, the mind of business get too involved in my daily life. It’s necessary but it gets me tired sometimes. I think it’s only necessary when I’m just in Tokyo. I feel like I’m resetting myself to zero when I’m traveling.” Put yourself in a place where you can show your creations in the world of fashion. The heavy responsibility as a designer is beyond our imagination. And perhaps the evolution of social networks like Instagram and Twitter has taken away our time to purely rest. That’s why having a time to reset yourself in places that no one knows or countries that you’ve never been is important.” Doing nothing and casually watching movies and listening to music that matches the climate of your destination. A small set of gadgets to create a space for self-cleaning with such sounds and images. Favorite clothes and daily essentials. Morikawa cherishes his Contax T3 camera for his journey, although it’s not the latest high-spec device, he carries the minimum required playback device and camera for recording images, the Contax T3.

Morikawa says he has traveled to more than 100 countries so far. “When the last season was over, I went to Marrakesh in Morocco, and before that, I went to Iceland. I’d like to go to the island in Italy called Lampettoza, where it’s famous for its many boats floating on the sea. There is a documentary film directed by Gianfranco Rosi titled ‘Fire at Sea’ which seems to be the gateway for immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East to cross the Mediterranean for their lives. I’m very interested in seeing the mixture of extraordinary cultures nowadays. In particular, his recent experience in Marrakesh had a slight impact on his brands’ creation. “There was a part that inspired me for the next season (Spring/Summer 20). People who were selling water in a traditional costume in squares in Marrakech. I mixed their hats and clothes that they were wearing with some of the products.” So, what is the charm of traveling?, Sometimes I feel like I’m in danger, but you would rarely experience that in Japan. I think it’s important to have the instinctive ability to sense danger. Because I think there is something similar to the feeling of finding something new. And it’s definitely interesting if you go. How many more views can you see before you die? whether it’s work or when you’re traveling.” When you do something new, you become creative. The things you take will change that way.

The Belongings

BAND T-Shirts

Taking my favorite band to travel destinations

“I’ll wear them when I go to bed and go out with them.” T-shirts that also serve as sleeping wears. From the LEFT UNDERCOVER x RAF SIMONS 2019SS Collection, after party invitation T-shirt, Joy Division’s band T-shirt, and Cigarettes After Sex’s band T-shirt.


Eyewear that are essential to my style

The essential items for Morikawa’s style whenever he travels “I usually bring 5 or 6 sunglasses with me.” From CHRISTIAN DADA to UNDERCOVER, MOSCOT and OLIVER PEOPLES, the lineup of the brands are his favorite.


Daily necessities that are same as usual

The cosmetics that are indispensable for grooming. From the left, I use the “THE PRODUCT”s hair wax, BYREDO’S perfume, and oltana’s milky lotion. All the items are available to buy it in Japan. You can feel Morikawa’s modest attitude towards his journey from such selections.


Gadgets that enriches your journey

“I’m glad I bought the Anker’s compact projector (Nebula) that connects Wifi, and it can be projected on any wall, which was recommended by my friend. I always carry around CONTAX T3 for everyday photography. The JBL Bluetooth speaker is a gadget for listening to music.” These are the 3 gadgets that are useful for traveling.


Simple and affordable suitcase

I use this GLOBE TROTTER travel case for short trips. I have one in a bigger too. I carry with my bag as a set. From the texture of aged leather, you can feel Morikawa’s trajectory of many countries that he has traveled to.


Take things that you can love for a long time to a beach

These items are for “Traveling to hot places”. Packing items for when you feel like swimming a little. Hawaiian shirt is a collaboration between CHRISTIAN DADA and Nobuyoshi Araki, presented at the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Polo Ralph Lauren’s swimming pants and VISVIM’s sandals that Morikawa has been using for a long time.


A sleeping buddy that is going to be with for many years

The pajama set-up that Morikawa has been using for many years so that he can relax and sleep is indispensable. The brand is Brooks Brothers. He can sleep well because he’s used to wearing them. For Morikawa, who wants to reduce himself to zero during his travels, it is one of the most important items to free himself.


Masanori Morikawa
Born in 1984. As a designer, he started CHRISTIAN DADA in 2010. Debuted in Paris in 2015. He still participates in the Paris Collection to this day.


Photo Yuto Kudo Text Ryo Tajima

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