A seasonal collaboration with Maison Margiela. Striking colour schemes and design details are non-conventional at MYKITA.

L to R Eyewear ¥68040 Eyewear ¥68040
by MYKITA + Maison Margiela (MYKITA JAPAN)

Visual & Collaboration
Good creative partnership moves design forward

Needless to say, good design is visually beautiful. Therefore, an advertising campaign of a good product should have beautiful visual images when trying to appeal people. Because of the result, it will define the product image. To create a strong visual image is also necessary to the product design.

Every season, MYKITA collaborates with Mark Borthwick for their campaign visual of the brand. Borthwick is a NY based photographer who has been active since the 1990’s. While combining artistic elements such as plants or graffiti, he challenged to break through a stereotype image of fashion photography. The photographer also published a photography book in collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela besides being known for a freestyle creator working as an artist, poet, musician and cook. It was inevitable that MYKITA, that challenge the conventional approach of eyewear, and such photographer, who changed common sense in fashion industry, resonate with each other. MYKITA’s visual image that Borthwick creates mainly consists of portraits which were taken in beautiful natural light without applying any makeup or styling. They are nonchalant and positive. The pictures show models with diverse background in race, nationality, age and gender, wearing MYKITA’s eyewear. They are simple yet modern while representing diversity that doesn’t discriminate the wearer. It purely embodies MYKITA’s spirit. Adding to that, the fact that they continue having Borthwick as a collaborator shows a glimpse of the brand’s design philosophy; “being consistent is positive” in this fast-changing generation.

The brand, that earns its prominence in the fashion scene for its design quality, is known for being an active collaborator with other fashion brands. Because they know that gaining new ideas and inspirations through the collaboration will be the key of the brand’s evolution. Among various collaborations, especially the model created with Bernhard Willhelm made a huge success to spread their name due to the appearance in the Sex and the City 2. And of course, we shouldn’t forget about a partnership with Maison Margiela since 2013. Sharing a common ground; “reinterpretation of traditional form, radical experimentation with structure and innovative approach to unconventional material” for their collaboration, they created several futuristic models which we haven’t seen before and discovered a new world. Other that this alliance, MYKITA never stand still for new inventions with creative avant-garde brands such as AMBUSH, Damir Doma and Martin Rose.
Looking to the world outside of the eyewear industry, MYKITA keeps growing while enjoying chemical reactions and interactions with various creative partners. Their broad perspective will be the beginning of new good design.

A campaign visual for 2018 created by Mark Borthwick. The visual images comprising of stylish photographs shot in Madrid. They catch our eyes by colourful background and warm atmosphere.

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