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Eyewear integrating beauty and technology

A complex and refined industrial product. This could be a stereotype image of eyewear that many people have. A usual eyewear is built with various parts such as lens, temple, bridge, pad and rim that are made of different materials. Then they are assembled with screws and by soldering to become a finished product. It is not so hard to imagine that this relatively small product, which was born for “adjusting and supporting humans’ eyesight”, has gone through countless intricate processes. But this idea was completely overwritten after one ground-breaking technological invention by the amazing brand, MYKITA. They changed our common sense of eyewear production by power of design. Their eyewear does not need screws only one sheet of stainless steel. As MYKITA attracts a lot of attention from fashion scene, many should know the name. How did they manage to invent such a revolutionary design? To tell you the story of their invention, we need to trace the brand’s history to the time of its founding.


In 2003, MYKITA was born in Berlin-Germany, the home of BAUHAUS. The brand was founded by Moritz Krueger, who is from eyewear industry. He first started to work on its design from an industrial point of view to build a consistent design concept. Because the MYKITA team already knew that a strong brand has a solid design philosophy. They started their journey with the selection of material. After researching numerous materials, they came across stainless steel. After the material, which features excellent durability yet lightweight and resilience, is stretched into a super low-profile sheet, it is cut out by laser cutter then goes to the folding and engraving process (Krueger said, “like folding Origami paper”) to make a 3D form. This is how they succeeded to transform one sheet of material into one piece of eyewear. And this super lightweight frame is the very beginning that changed MYKITA’s destiny.

Bending slim and thin stainless steel with a perfect angle enables the spiral hinge open and close flexibly. This patented original design is manufactured under the strict inspection in the internal quality control process. Since it is screw-less, the frame has a huge advantage to avoid a risk of damage. The delicate and beautiful design which exposes its structure was revolutionary. It broke the conventional rules of eyewear manufacturing where hinges were assembled with screws and hidden.


When you talk about MYKITA’s eyewear, there is another factor that should not be forgotten; “spiral hinge” which can be defined as synonymous for the brand. The revolutionary design that use no screws was developed also after they encountered stainless steel. Normally, hinges that connect the front and temple requires a screw due to an issue of frame construction that needs to fold temple. But MYKITA invented a screw-less design by twisting the tip of the temple into a spiral form fixing it to the front. In addition, the thing is that they completed the design without hiding the spiral hinge and finished the product rather by showing it openly. This proved that high functionality can be also a beautiful design element.

Without any frills, a clean frame design represents a modern style. Light, thin and soft material realized amazing functionalities; their frame can be worn for a long time without stress or slipping down from the nose while flexibly matching various face shapes. Their first collection comprised of 30 innovative models was well-received by the traditional eyewear industry with astonishment. MYKITA eyewear realized their design motto “technical and structural solution must also have beautiful details”. Well-thought-out aesthetics and function. Advanced technology to realize it. By combining these features a simple design was created. There is no doubt to proclaim that MYKITA’s eyewear is good design.


While integrating aesthetic and technology, MYKITA continues evolving. In 2011, the brand released the “MYLON COLLECTION”, which was created by 3D printing technology. A brand-new mat-look material, which was created by layers crafted based on a digital dataset, before sintered by laser. This was only possible at MYKITA. At the time when people were conscious about diversity, genderless design also became the brand’s distinctive character. It proves that good design full of creativity can be loved beyond gender.

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