Interview with Charlotte Chesnais

It is important that I myself like to wear it full of joy.

What does Charlotte Chesnais focus on when designing her jewellery? First of all, simplicity. This applies not only to design, but also to daily life. Simplicity makes me see clearly what I am looking for. From a jewellery making point of view, it is naturally a purpose that I want my customers to enjoy wearing my piece, but it is also important that I myself like to wear it full of joy. For example, Hermes and Tiffanys jewellery from the 60s and 70s is still loved as well as Charvet continues making a classic shirt for a long time. What is common to them is that all of these brands have created universal value which continues to be loved beyond generations. I hope my brand will become like them in the future. That’s what I care when I am designing my jewellery.


” Now I wonder how she led her life before launching her eponymous brand. “I was good at math since I grew up in a family with science background. I don’t mean to brag, but I had good grades. I majored in economics at the university I enrolled on recommendation, but I couldn’t enjoy subjects such as math or economics. As I was interested in fashion and art I quit the university and started to go to fashion school instead. After that, I joined Balenciaga.” Her creative activities full of intelligence and innovative ideas have their roots in her inquisitiveness about mathematics and formative design from childhood as well as her unconventional thinking cultivated at Balenciaga. As an emerging jewellery designer attracting a lot of attention, what kind of future vision does she have for her brand? “My brand is just 3 years old and too young to be a Maison. So, I think, I am still in a phase of building its foundation. However, shapes and techniques that I often use for my designs may have become more and more solid. It will be great, and I will be very pleased, in 10 or 20 years if the time comes when these elements become my jewellery theme, and everyone understand that’s the story of Charlotte Chesnais. My focus is always creating jewellery that remains as a timeless work. I value this idea very much. I continue trying many things actively and want to surprise people in the future.”

Charlotte Chesnais
A Paris-born jewellery designer. After having experienced prêt-à-porter and jewellery design at Balenciaga, she launched her eponymous jewellery brand in 2015. Dream-like beautiful shapes created from metal attract many fans.


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