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by Charlotte Chesnais (EDSTRÖM OFFICE)
The line of beauty created by free and intellectual sensibility

Charlotte Chesnais’s jewellery features feminine subtlety and beautiful shapes formed by simple but unique curved line. Among many other jewellery brands, it has received huge recognition in recent years and is continuously attracting many fans. After having a career as a former prêt-à-porter and jewellery designer at Balenciaga, Charlotte Chesnais is currently a creator of her own brand as well as a mother of three children. What kind of mind and design philosophy does she have?

The brand was launched just 4 years ago. At that time, she was at Balenciaga building up a career mainly as a designer of clothes and jewellery. But she gradually begun to question the idea of what her ideal craftsmanship is. She wants to make only what she really wants to create. Being pulled by such a strong feeling, she decided to leave Balenciaga and started her own brand at the same time. “I wanted to make something that I would be really enjoy wearing. With simple design, I would like to make jewellery that cannot be found elsewhere. Since my company is still small, I manage my brand with a small number of people. But thanks to that, I can peruse my own vision 100% and this is an advantage that one cannot ask for at a big brand. Today, I feel like that clothes are over produced and more than we need but jewellery is something that we buy selectively, right? That’s why, I wish Charlotte Chesnais to be timeless jewellery which one will value for many years.” Each season, she adds new designs to her collection, but she continues presenting regular items besides that. This idea might come from her design philosophy aiming at creating timeless products.


Charlotte Chesnais’s jewellery has many there-dimensional geometric designs reminiscent of symbols for the elements. Growing up in a family with a background of science, she was familiar with numbers and physics. For her, solving a mathematical formula was like playing a game since she was a student. Maybe because of that, she became interested in three-dimensional objects such as sculpture. “When I saw a beautiful thing, I always ‘store’ it in my head. While designing, I have a feeling that the things stored in my head are coming out slowly then I can draw beautiful curves and create new shapes very naturally. It is very amazing sensation that cannot be explained by words”, said Chesnais. Many fans are fascinated by the body fit of her items when actually wearing them. Her capacity of imagination about three-dimensional structure creates delicate and beautiful curvy line that perfectly fits supple female body line.


For her creativity, the excellent artisanal skill is indispensable. A Metal processing workshop where she spends a lot of hours for her work is like an atelier for her. Her jewellery has been carefully crafted by the hands of top-skilled craftsmen. All artisans who work for her have a title which only a few exceptional talents can receive from the country. With their professional skills, delicate and intricate metal shapes are created. “It is very rare for such a top-class craftsperson to work for a small-scale brand, such as mine. Without this partnership, my brand wouldn’t have been able to start. Their contribution is that big to me”. A strong relationship with finest artisans is essential for the realization of her timeless creation that will be loved for decades ahead.


Jewellery she creates are neither luxurious nor assertive. No flowers or particular motives, the design is quite simple. However, every single piece has an exquisite presence with the quality such as a sophisticate piece of art. It is establishing a strong position in the jewellery world.

Photo Charlotte Chesnais


Quality and passion for the brand touches the heart of top creators

This year, Charlotte Chesnais’s brand logo was renewed by MM PARIS, a leading art director duo from France. “As I’ve been always wishing to ask them to design the logo since the brand launch, I am really happy that it’s finally realized. The logo design process started with giving them one of my jewellery series called Initials. Then, they created a design by taking a motif from the shape of the jewellery piece. When I saw it, I truly felt that my intuition was right. They were very sincere about my brand. So, I believe this is a collaboration in a real sense. They value my opinion as much as I truly respect them. This mutual trust created a balanced relationship and it resulted in an amazing logo design.”


Furthermore, Viviane Sassen joined to present excellent new works projecting the brand image perfectly. The female photographer, who is highly recognized by the art and fashion scene around the globe. Every picture appears very delicate while reflecting feminine suppleness and strength. Especially the visuals taken for a series called TWINS are very personal and also Charlotte’s favourite since they were released after she gave a birth to twins. While the brand is appealing audiences with its fine jewellery, her passion to the brand touches the hearts of top creators.

Photo:Viviane Sassen
A Netherland-born photographer. Having a strong relationship with fashion and art, she presented various visual images for fashion brands. Having spent her childhood in South Africa, her vivid colour selection attracts audiences.

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