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Can you say what it is just by looking at this picture? This is not an art piece displayed in a museum but a real audio speaker. This innovative product that no one can tell it is a speaker is one of the latest works of Bang & Olufsen that has recently been released. So, who is Bang & Olufsen which produced this fresh design? Let’s examine their design philosophy.


Bang & Olufsen is an audio-visual brand founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen in Struer, Denmark in 1925. It is not too much to say that it is one of the best audio-visual brands that speculates about designs. This is well proven by the company’s manufacturing process. At the product development, they decide on the design first. Then, their latest technology is used to realize the design idea. According to the company’s philosophy, “with magical experience, we always bring an excitement to our customer”, its visual design strikes us first then its function thrills us next. Countless design products, that Bang & Olufsen produced by the fore mentioned process, have been adding flair to people’s life for nearly 100 years.


Among their collaborations in a product development with many external designers, Jacob Jensen is the one who can never be left unmentioned. The world-renowned product designer, Jacob Jensen, became a part of Bang & Olufsen design team in 1962. He has designed countless products, from audio systems to telephones, from furniture to wristwatches and kitchen appliances. As a chief designer, he created numerous masterpieces. Simple yet modern, his designs often in mono tone structure are adored by many people throughout generations. 18 products of Bang & Olufsen are treasures of MoMa as part of their permanent collection and 14 of them are designed by Jensen. From Beogram 4000, a masterpiece turntable with a phonograph needle that can move left and right, to a recording microphone, portable radio, tuner and tape recorder, Jensen, who gave industrial design added value of art, is definitely a key person in Bang & Olufsens history.


Bang & Olufsen evolved by combining their own excellent technological skill with high quality design. Their products influenced many different areas. For instance, the scroll wheel of the Apple iPod, Steve Jobs draw the design inspiration from the wheel of Bang & Olufsens telephone. The DNA of a design will always inspire to make a better design.


Their latest wireless speaker will surprise you with its visual, a thin cylindrical form, but this is not all it can offer. Its operability takes your breath away. You just roll left or right to control volume and channel. You can also control it with your smartphone if you down load the app. Its wall mountable. The worlds first innovative audio technology, the Active Bass Port, enables the bass port to open flexibly depending on the sound volume and to deliver optimal sound quality in both directions.

Beosound Edge ¥499932 by Bang & Olufsen(Bang & Olufsen Japan)


This cone-shaped compact wireless speaker can fit anywhere in your room. With its 360 degrees omnidirectional sound system, you can enjoy powerful yet beautiful sound, which gives you a sensation of sound falling from above. Not only the sophisticated appearance but also the user-friendliness that you can swipe the top to control system is the high light of the product. Last but not least, its sensor which can detect human movement enables you to operate it multidirectional.

Beosound 2 ¥318600 by Bang & Olufsen(Bang & Olufsen Japan)※ Google Assistant built-in model


It looks like a high-end piece of furniture or a canvas leaning against the wall. This wireless speaker, which features modern yet classic deign, delivers a powerful bass sound enabled by B&Os innovative speaker technology. With Room Adaptation function, which optimizes sound depending on the position where it is placed, it will create the best sound quality for your space. A touch sensor control system is installed. 

Beoplay A9 MK II ¥269899 by Bang & Olufsen(Bang & Olufsen Japan)


Designer & Philosophy
Design brings human and technology together

Minimalistic and sophisticated design that is timeless and practical high functionality. An audio product of Danish brand, Bang & Olufsen, is loved by people across the globe as one of the leading Scandinavian audio system design products. As mentioned earlier, the brand thinks design first. And it is characteristic that they develop the design together with specialists outside of the company. Lets take a look at the latest speaker, BeoSound Edge, introduced on page 96-97, as an example. The cylindrical shaped futuristic product, that embodies ultimate simplicity, was designed by Michael Anastassiades, who has been active in the lighting and furniture design industry for more than 20 years. The designer, who is known for creating a stool for Herman Miller and a series of illumination lamp for Flos as well as having a solo exhibition in Japan last year, gave a new inspiration to the brand. The brand, which has a solid and most-advanced technology, creates a beautiful design product with a help of a design specialist and brings technology and people together to lead us to a better life. The design philosophy of Bang & Olufsen lies right there. However, some explanation will be needed when you talk about the reason why the company started to collaborate with an external designer.


In 1925, Bang & Olufsen was originally founded as a radio manufacturer. The company focused on creating a new product, which hadnt existed before, and developed a radio that worked with alternating current from a wall socket, which was very significant at the time. The product made a commercial success and the brand got on track. But their design at that time wasnt so refined as it is now. Since a renowned Danish designer made a critical remark about their design, the founders started to focus more on design. The fact that they had technology for audio production, but not professional expertise of design led them to seek their way in a joint development with a designer outside of the company. And this made the foundation of success that Bang & Olufsen treasures today.

Beogram 4000 Record Player (1972)

Beomic 2000 Microphone (1969)

Beomaster 1900 Receiver (1976)

Beomaster 3000-2 Tuner Amplifier (1969)

Beomaster 1200 FM Tuner/Amplifier (1969)

Beogram 1200 Record Player (1969)

Beolit 400 Portable Radio (1971)

Beocenter 7000 Radio-Turntable-Cassette Combination(1979)

Portable Radio Beolit 1000 (1968)

Beogram 4000 Record Player (1972)
©︎2018. Digital image, The Museum of Modern Art New York/Scala, Florence

Michael Anastassiades

Born in 1967. London-based product designer. He founded his design studio in 1994 before launching the eponymous label. His product designs including lights and furniture receive high acclaim and are featured in the permanent collection at MoMa.

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