Tucked Sleeve Blouse ¥32400 Single Earring [reference item] by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.)

Organdy Dress ¥27000 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.) Shorts [stylist’s own]

Organdy Dress ¥27000 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.) Shorts [stylist’s own] Cutting Asymmetric Swimwear ¥19440 Pleats Jersey Top ¥25920 Asymmetric Skirt ¥32400 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.) Slingback Shoes [stylist’s own]

Tucked Sleeve Blouse ¥32400 Biker Leggings [reference item] by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.)

Belted Linen Dress ¥32400 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.)

Mixture Trench Coat ¥86400 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.)

Glitter Belted Trousers ¥19440 by LEINWÄNDE (MATT.)
Tulle [stylist’s own]

LEINWÄNDE, a women’s brand from Tokyo, made its debut in Autumn/Winter 2017. With its delicate balance between characteristic designs, thorough details, edgy styles and ease of wear, the brand has been winning the hearts of women with sophisticated sense of style. LEINWÄNDE translates to “canvas” in German. The name of the designer has not been revealed; however one can feel his/her unlimited creative energy through the paintings done by the designer displayed in the studio.

When you think of “Tokyo” through a fashion perspective, LEINWÄNDE fits the city well. Although the design is quite edgy, it’s still based on casual wear; and through details and silhouettes, it can easily be recognized as the brand sans any logo. This mix is quite “Tokyo”. The people connection this brand has plays a big role in building its identity as well. It projects the familiar feeling of fashionistas such as models and creative tribes wearing their friend’s brand. Tokyo fashion standard is world class¬. LEINWÄNDE is not limited to Tokyo, yet it is a true Tokyo brand in a sense that it holds international creative standards by, for example, collaborating with creative minds from abroad for its visual productions. It’s certainly one of the brands to keep an eye on going forward.


MATT info@the-matt.com


Photo Yuto Kudo
Styling Chiaki Utsunomiya
Hair Miho Emori
Make-up Dash
Model London
Edit Takuya Chiba Mayu Kakihata
Translation Akiko Watanabe

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