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Large travel bag ¥113400 Medium travel bag ¥96120 Large Reporter bag ¥104760 Foldable bag cotton trimmings ¥63720 Duffle bag ¥41040 by L/UNIFORM (L/UNIFORM TOKYO)
The pursuit of modern design and practicality in a bag
L/UNIFORM is a French bag brand founded in 2014 by founder Jeanne Signor. One day, Jeanne was enjoying her vacation until she had a difficult time packing her luggage into bags of different sizes and shapes. To enable smarter mobility, she thought, “If you don’t have an ideal bag that is practical, you have to make it yourself.” This instance became the spurring moment that launched her to create her own brand. With travel in mind at the core of the brand, the lineup of products range from suit cases and travel bags to passport and accessory cases.


As a designer and a mother of three children, she sought products that had everyday practicality. “Busy women who work while raising children must do all their work efficiently in a well-organized and comfortable environment. The more intricate the items in the environment, the more important they become.” All L/UNIFORM bags are carefully considered in their development to be versatile items that can be used in different situations regardless of gender or age. The unique lineup of bags is created for various situations such as commuting to school or work, travel bags of various sizes depending on the duration of travel, and pouches for storing items.

All L/UNIFORM bags are created by artisans in Jeanne’s hometown of Carcassonne in the south of France. The bags are designed to be sophisticated and pristine, composed with high quality canvas and leather. “L/UNIFORM products are light and durable. The fibers are yarn-dyed though a special process in accordance with European environmental protection standards. It is a material that is both water repellent and resistant to dirt and scratches. ” A major feature of the brand is their customization service which allows customers to personalize their bags in different colors with different letter prints. Fabric colors and piping details can be customized to be any combination of colors and bags themselves can be adorned with initials and names. “Ordinary colors like black or brown can get boring, so I like to enjoy a wide range of colors.

“This service is currently available at the new Marunouchi flagship store that was opened this past April. If customers decide to personalize the finer details of the bag, their bag will arrive 2-3 months after ordering, but can receive their bag on the spot if initials or names are added to ready-made products available at the store. The store is equipped with a touch panel that simulates your custom product as you change fabrics and parts, making it easy to visualize the final product. While L/UNIFORM has many travel-specific items, Jeanne is also known as a travel enthusiast in her personal life as well. “For me, ‘travel’ means being far away from home or the norm, and taking time to reflect upon it.” Her secret to being energetic at all time is this trip away from her daily flow of life. The L/UNIFORM collection reflects the designer’s love for travel and is made to be a bag for all travel enthusiasts.


Unique Bags

A wide variety of bags and cases developed by L/UNIFORM. Each has a construction that is thought out based on application, design, and functionality. All of the products are high quality pieces crafted by the hands of artisans. Among these, we’d love to pick up items rich with personality.

Carry-on suitcase

Waiting for your suitcase to arrive on a conveyor belt after you arrive at your destination is tiresome. What’s more, if you lose your luggage, it’ll ruin your mood. With this carry-on suitcase, there is a sense of assurance knowing you have your bag by your side and that you will be able to smoothly go to your next destination without being bogged down by waiting. As a brand that specializes in canvas materials, L/UNIFORM’s bags are lightweight and easy to hold for women as well.

Carry-on suitcase ¥442800

Large travel bag

The regret one feels after having to leave behind clothes and tools that don’t fit in their bag is a common experience for most. With enough space to fit all your travel essentials, the Large Travel Bag fits everything you need and more, making your journey enjoyable without having to worry about weight to shed. The double zipper on the bag has a key with the L/UNIFORM logo, safely enclosing all your necessities for a short trip or a long excursion. The large size lends itself to a variety of uses, making it the perfect travel bag.

Large travel bag ¥113400

Duffle bag

Originally, duffle bags were used by sailors to store their hammocks. Once the ships arrived on shore, sailors would carry their clothes and luggage in these bags. Inspired by these origins, L/UNIFORM’s duffle bag has a rope closure that shuts the mouth of the bag when pulled. A carry handle is also attached to the body of the bag, which originates from early designs of duffle bags that would allow sailors to show off their muscles when carrying their bags. This kind of attention to context is L/UNIFORM-esque in referencing history in a fashionable way.

Duffle bag ¥41040 by

Afternoon tea bag

Coated with a thin film of aluminum that keeps contents hot or cool, the Afternoon Tea Bag can keep anything from cold juices to hot soups fresh. This bag fits the Japanese culture of carrying bento boxes to cherry blossom viewing and is bound to be loved by everyone from children to adults. As long as you have this bag, you will be able to to spend a delicious and fun time.

Afternoon tea bag ¥31320

Large Reporter bag

The Large Reporter Bag was created for professional photographers who travel often. To allow photographers to firmly grip their cameras, the strap can be arranged to become a satchel or backpack. Three dividers organize the inside of the bag, allowing you to safely store the camera body separate from the lens. If the dividers are all removed, this bag can even store a laptop, leaving no room for complaints.

Large Reporter bag ¥104760

Jewelry case

A lovely jewelry case realized in collaboration with fine jewelry designer Marie-Hélène de Taillac. This jewelry case is a product born of two female designers who love traveling. Inside, the memory foam liner wrapped in suede affixes the jewelry in place and gently wraps the important pieces.

Jewelry case ¥71280

Vanity case

We would like to be a more special version of ourselves when we’re away on a trip. Whether it’s trying some new nail polish or applying make-up in a different style, a small change raises your sense of beauty in a natural way. For the woman who wants to fashionably enjoy their travels, this Vanity Case is a must-have. The inside is lined in a waterproof canvas material and the inner lid has a mirror, displaying the attention to detail only in female designers.

Vanity case ¥124200

Foldable bag cotton trimmings

The L/UNIFORM Foldable bag is more sophisticated and functional than your average tote bag. It is easy to fold away and its simple construction allows you to easily organize your belongings making it an appealing everyday bag. When traveling, it is easy to accumulate lots of luggage as you shop, but with the Foldable bag, there is no worry that you will buy too many souvenirs. A versatile bag that is not limited to traveling, the Foldable bag makes for a useful everyday bag that we’d love to have multiple of.

Foldable bag cotton trimmings ¥63720


Photo Taijun Hiramoto Text Mayu Kakihata

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