Interview with
 Hideaki Yoshihara (HYKE) about LIFE with GOOD DESIGN

Interview with
 Hideaki Yoshihara (HYKE) about LIFE with GOOD DESIGN

Hideaki Yoshihara
Founded “HYKE” in 2013, after his previous brand “green”.
Staying true to the concept “Heritage and Evolution”, he creates his clothes through a new perspective on timeless things.

Les Arcs Chair  Charlotte Perriand
The Les Arcs chairs were used at the Les Arcs ski resort in France, designed by Charlotte Perriand. These stools and chairs made of steel and leather are used in the pressroom. I like its design of chrome and brown leather together, also the practicality of them being stackable as well as the presence of the chairs themselves. Legs of stools are shortened according to the height of a counter.

LC7 Armchair  Charlotte Perriand
The LC7 swivel chair, purchased for the new office, is especially remarkable when it comes to Charlotte Perriand’s design aesthetic. LC7 stands out the most in the space that has minimum atmosphere consolidated in black and white. The matte black color of its legs was custom ordered. It leaves a different impression to the current model in black leather and chrome. This rotating chair which was exhibited in 1929 at The Salon d’Automne in Paris is said to be initially designed for Perriand’s own dining space.

Standard Chair  Jean Prouve

This beautifully constructed Standard chair from Jean Prouvé was purchased also for the new office. The wooden parts are original while legs are replicas from Vitra. I found it at Gallery Sign. The back legs are especially characteristic even with its simple design. The section connecting to the seat are wider while top and bottom parts are thinner. It is placed in the same space as LC7; this special feeling of its vintage wooden plate makes the whole space softer.

Ginger Flight Therapy  Aesop
When asked about wearable products, he brought out the fight concentrate from Aesop. He uses it at work, during travel or anytime he feels the need to freshen up. It is not as dramatic as its concept: experience first class feeling even on economy class; but it`s useful when you are experiencing writer’s block. Since it`s a roll-on, it is also casual enough to be used by men.
What Yoshihara can not live without are glasses. He tends to treat them carelessly, so he prefers designs that are tough and hard to break. “I always liked the model called FDR from Tart Optical, so I tried their vintage model but they weren’t convincing. Then from my further research, I got to know about Julius Tart Optical which is founded by the nephew of Julius Tart, Richard Tart. I`m currently using the repro-model of them.” The sunglasses are from Tart Optical.

Pyrex cups from the U.S. Navy are what he uses every day for drinking coffee at home and at the office. The series is not limited to this cup, there are also bowls and handleless mugs called Navy Watch Mug, which was used as a hand warmer by naval soldiers and staff. Simple design with just a logo on the bottom. They come in different shades of white, from milky to creamy, depending on their production year.


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