Interview with Eriko Yoshida
(6 (ROKU)) about LIFE with GOOD DESIGN

Interview with Eriko Yoshida
(6 (ROKU)) about LIFE with GOOD DESIGN

Vivienne Westwood Accessories

The wooden accessories from Vivienne Westwood are what Yoshida used to wear in her 20s as a buyer flying around the globe. Remembering the times: “I was young and not confident in foreign languages. This ring helped me to be recognized. They are still precious to me.” Some she bought, some were gifted from her husband, and the collection grew.

Elegance as a barometer within masculine design.

Eriko Yoshida is the Creative Director at (6) (pronounced Roku), a casual wear brand designed for elegant adult women. The brand name (6), encompasses the following six elements: ethnic, sport, military, marine, work and school. She started her career as a retail shop staff, moving on to becoming a merchandiser, then a buyer before finally becoming a Director that she is now. Let’s ask Yoshida, someone who has worked in an environment surrounded by great products for years, what her criteria for “good products” are.

“Elegance found in products, elegance found in creators: ‘elegance’, in this case, equals to modesty and consideration for users. I believe that products that were made with this set of values meet the criteria for “good design” products.” explains Yoshida as she opened up the direction map of her 2019 Spring/Summer collection. Correlation between products and fashion is her inspiration source for the coming season. “Collections come out at a half-year cycle, however the consumption speed is getting faster and faster. To me, fashion is something that enriches one’s life; something that can be enjoyed. I felt tired of this consumption speed at one point. Today, fashion consumers desire originality, philosophy and creativity from brands by delving deeper into production itself. I admire the creation of art pieces and products that take months if not years to produce. I’ve designed my next collection with a woman who could sport such valuable products in mind – architect Charlotte Perriand was my inspiration source.”


The products left behind by Charlotte Perriand are sensual; distinctly created through the eyes of a woman. Strong clean lines with soft effeminate nuances, two opposing elements – masculinity and femininity, cross over in harmony. What Yoshida expresses through (6) is a nod to this creative spirit of Charlotte Perriand. “I like edgy things. I prefer sharp designs to streamlined shapes. I find women wearing masculine design attractive, like not being obviously flirtatious. Perriand’s shapes are very masculine yet you’ll find glimpses of feminine aspects here and there; this I find very attractive.”


Leaving empty spaces  provides more fun


Yoshida’s sense of style can be seen in her (6) shop as well. What she deems to be important in interior space are beautiful curved lines and empty spaces. Yoshida explains: “I wanted to separate it from traditional boutiques, so I intentionally left empty spaces. There is a story behind each garment rack too. I wanted to leave some space for our customers to find inspirations from. My source of inspiration for the store that opened in Osaka last October is female Mexican architect Frida Escobedo. I’ve incorporated colors and textures from both Mexico and England and peppered them throughout the space; it is both industrial and elegant at the same time.” The shop is a blend of original products, imported goods and vintage goods. The products are not separated by genre, but by taste, in this luxuriously spacious store. Clothes that are found here offer new pleasure to fashionistas.


The potential of (6) spotted in daily life


“I’ve been in the fashion boutique business for nearly 20 years now and have witnessed the changes. The type of products I feel drawn to these days are high quality wearable design with a sense of trad.” As for Yoshida’s fashion in her daily life, though somethings have changed with age, basic preferences have not changed much. “I’m a bit childish in a way. For example, jewelries. I prefer to wear things that are unique, things that not everyone has; Vivian Westwood’s jewelries are one of them. One of my brand motto is “Underground but mainstream” – I am in constant pursuit of a reality a half step ahead of today”, says Yoshida. (6) offers something that cannot be found elsewhere: easily understood yet hard to find. (6) is not for the masses, but through this brand, Eriko Yoshida continuously provide possibilities to help boost your senses.

F.LLI Giacometti Shoes
The loafers from F.lli Giacometti is an unmissable item to define Yoshida’s style – traditional and elegant but slightly wicked. Made with lizard skin, the outstanding part about these loafers is the vertically long block-pattern which feels soft. There is a certain comfort when worn and go very well on women. She likes their obsession with quality, special gloss and the indescribable elegance.

Eriko Yoshida

After working as a shop staff at United Arrows and founding Beauty&Youth United Arrows, she is now the Director of the label 6 (Roku), founded in 2013.

Left: Officine Universelle Buly  Makassar
“I’ve never encountered such perfume before with such a direct stimulation on my olfactory sense”, Yoshida describes. When she first discovered it, she was shocked to find out that such scent can be produced from natural ingredients only. When reading the explanation about Makassar on BULY’s brochure, one understands its inspiration. She’s been seduced by its poetic scent, and wears it everyday. “Perfume is like a part of your body. I feel incomplete without it. It can add great depth”.

Right: Fanni Lemmermayer  Knit

The knitwear from the Austrian brand Fanni Lemmermayer was purchased in her 20s. The desire to wear imported clothes made her buy it. Now in her 40s, she finally has the skill to wear it her style with a true understanding of its uniqueness, quality, and rarity. These elements at times lead to her inspirations.

Vivienne Westwood  Pirate Boots
Since she works for the concept store based on traditional styles, it is also a must for her own style. However, there was a time when she felt something was missing, so to fulfill it she combined it with jewelries and pirate boots from Vivienne Westwood. These aged boots were purchased at the Vivienne Westwood store when she visited London 20 years ago. They contain so much of her fashion related memories.


Photo Toshio Ohno
Interview & Text Maiko Okuhara
Translate Akiko Watanabe/Rei Matsuoka

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