Interview with

Clemens Poloczek (iGNANT)

Interview with

Clemens Poloczek (iGNANT)

From Afganistan

The ring was given by his father-in-law from Afghanistan. It is a favourite design object of Clemens who likes jewellery very much. “My clothes are almost all in black and also very minimal in design. I don’t have so many of them, but I like jewellery because it adds an accent to my outfit.” On our shooting day, he dressed in black, head-to toe but this ring showed a modest presence.

Polo Ralf Rauren

Starting from fashion items to a chocolate bar, he was once into collecting things with “POLO” as his name is “POLOCZEK”. “I was once a ‘Polo’ collector rather than Ralph Lauren. I also have an oxford shirt but it is not so much to do my design philosophy” says Clemens. He likes this jacket because of the combination of the colours.


Among accessories, his favourite is a watch. it is very easy to understand that a watch which has both dedicated hand work and excellent functionality can resonate his design philosophy. “I had a watch from my grandfather which internal structure was gold. Using gold to somewhere you cannot see unless opening it is one of the greatest examples which can be understood only by someone who can see the value in it. Among all, I think Rolex has universal value. For me it is also an investment item.”

Jacket & Shoes

Since having discovered visvim at Firmament, a secret hideaway-like select shop at the time, Clemens sympathized the designer’s philosophy and became a fan. He bought the black moccasin on the right and the jacket 7 years ago in Berlin and the beige one on the left in NYC 3 years ago. “Look, the buttons of this jacket are different, each one of them. This approach is indeed perfection of imperfection.”

Thom Browne

This Thom Browne’s sunglasses are a thank-you gift for Clemens from Leidmann, an optician in Munich, with whom he collaborated for one project. “The owner said that I can pick anything. After having thought it over very hard, I decided on this. Such as a small logo design, I love items with subtle details which normal people wouldn’t notice.” Instead of a logo usually placed on a temple, there is three stripe design on the end of modern.

Hender Scheme

NMD_R1, a collaboration piece by Hender Scheme and Adidas is a treasure item for Clemens, a devoted sneaker collector. “You can say that a remix version of the heritage model which produced repeatedly has been a complete failure. But this project by Hender Scheme is not. From selection of model and material to attentions to the details, you cannot help giving a grunt seeing what they achieved. For me, it is an item to keep like an art piece, definitely not for wearing.”

Aesop Brass
Oil Burner

An oil burner designed by Studio Henry Wilson is the first design object Aesop has ever made. For Clemens who believes “music and scent are important element in life”, it is a recent favourite item. “I feel for the brand’s philosophy. I like their love dedicated to details. From the label to the store design, Aesop has great design. And of course, it all smells nice.”


The Chair that Clemens says “the most important item in this house” was originally at his grandfather’s place, who was an artist. It symbolizes his grandfather whom Clemens loved, admired and felt close too since his childhood. After his grandparents died, this chair found a new home at Clemens’. “Rather than sitting, this is an object representing his presence.” Clemens recalls his grandfather and his grandfather’s place every time he walks past the chair which stands on the corridor.


Photo Robert Rieger Interview & Text & Translate Fumie Tsuji

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