hiphop legacy CARHARTT WIP

hiphop legacy CARHARTT WIP

ACRYLIC WATCH HAT ¥2052 by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo)



Starting as a blue-collar workwear company, Carhartt’s durable quality and reasonable price helped the beloved brand make its way into the hip-hop culture from the working class. Carhartt was loved by countless number of musicians, notably during the ‘90s, or the golden age of hip-hop. It was seen on many celebrities, perhaps the most famous being Nas. Born and raised in Queens, the ‘90s lyricist extraordinaire told the tale of his gangsta life with literary flair—and he wore this beanie everywhere. From concert stages to album covers, Nas rocked his beanies; ¬higher on his head and slightly tilted. His unique style was so popular that the Carhartt beanie became a hip-hop phenomenon.

SINGLE KNEE PANT ¥17280 by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo)



Everything baggy is the definition of ’90s hip-hop style, but these cargo pants epitomize that look. Wu-Tang Clan represents this fat pants silhouette. The legendary hip-hop group was a band of gangsters back in 1992 when they formed, and they needed solid clothing to endure their rough lifestyle. Carhartt provided their needs. This item roots from the silhouette of the original model, but now spiced with sophistication of Carhartt WIP as a response to contemporary design. Its vintage-finish will make you feel like you’re back on the streets of NY in the ’90s.

CLASSIC VEST ¥19440 by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo)



Even if you are illiterate about ‘90s hip-hop, you’ve heard of 2PAC and The Notorious B.I.G. Our great Biggie was wearing this classic Carhartt vest together with his T-shirt (by the way, around the same time 2PAC also wore many Carhartt items like the jeans!). When the iconic cotton duck item was worn by Biggie unzipped, it magnified the feeling of strength and durability. This model has its original style retained, but its details have been refined with contemporary touches. The quilt lining makes it nice and fat. It is not an overstatement to say that hip-hop culture lives in the vest that was loved by the king of golden age hip-hop.

MICHIGAN CHORE COAT ¥21600 by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo)



Even if you weren’t there to witness it, one can easily learn about the massive influence the OG hip-hop group N.W.A. had by watching the film “Straight Outta Compton” and their 1988 album with the same title. N.W.A.’s Eazy-E, a.k.a. “Godfather of Gansta Rap” wore Carhartt’s denim overall and jackets like they were his uniforms. Together with his signature baseball cap, Eazy-E’s look at the time was definitely thug style; but keeping that in mind, this updated model adds refined and intellectual feel on top.

CAR-LUX HOODED JACKET ¥21600 by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo)



Method Man was the youngest emcee and member of the East Coast hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, yet was the first to release a solo album in 1994. He is well known not only as a musician but also as a successful actor. Perhaps his most memorable style is him in his zip parka. He makes an appearance in a hoodie in the Netflix series “Marvel’s Luke Cage”, and even exchanges a Carhartt hoodie in one scene. The beloved hoodie has evolved into this model: Using one of Carhartt’s classic fabric Car-Lux, this item is universally great for everyone, not only hip-hop fans.

Carhartt WIP × UDG SLINGBAG [editor in chief’s own] by Carhartt WIP (Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo) Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo 03-3402-9810


Carhartt WIP × UDG

Last but not least, let us introduce the collaboration record bag by Carhartt WIP and UDG. There has been countless model changes and releases of this bag made especially for DJs, but each times sells out immediately. Holds 55 vinyl records and comes with CD wallets on either side that cases up to 24 CDs. The compartment in the front fits a 15” laptop snugly, making it convenient for a DJ with a laptop and/or a music maker. Since it is cushioned well, many photographers choose to carry their equipment in this bag. Needless to say, the bag can be used as a carry-on for travels as well. This versatile item, in true Carhartt fashion, can accompany any life style, all the while keeping that hip-hop spirit that is at the heart of the brand.


Carhartt WIP Store Tokyo 03-3402-9810


Photo Taijun Hiramoto Illustration Takuya Kamioka Text & Edit Ryo Tajima
Translation Akiko Watanabe & Rei Matsuoka
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