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¥124300 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Maxi Pebble Tassel Moccasin

The piece de resistance Gommino driving shoes, which were Tod’s first item, have been updated to Maxi Pebble Tassel Moccasins. As Kashiwazaki said in this feature story, this is the most symbolic model which represents this season’s collection concept very well. With enlarged pebbles, that make the shoes pop, shine, and appear modern. “From the landing impact point to the comfort and stitching, we repeatedly fine-tuned the shoes”, said Kashiwazaki.

¥58300 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Pull Over Shirt

A gentle lavender pullover shirt is highlighted with a soft drape. The designer created this item, seeking to make something which he himself would like to wear as part of his daily wardrobe. Its voluminous silhouette is characteristic. Its minimalism and simplicity underline the fine fabric quality as well as the detailed stitch work.

¥281600 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Trench Coat

The final production of this trench coat with a modern twist took particularly longer to achieve than the other items in this collection did. Under the collar, there is a throat latch and a gun patch made of leather. The former comes in two different colours so that the wearer can alternate depending on their outfit. “Because Walter’s collection has beautiful colour combinations, I used more colours than usual”.

¥281600 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Gommino Sabot

A pair of swede down stitched calf length mules. Their embossed leather soles have something in common with Hender Scheme’s MIP series. The smooth fine leather surface with great colour and shock-absorbing footbed represent characteristics of Tod’s production background very well.

Knit with Poncho Holder ¥256300 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Chunky Knit Shawl + Poncho Holder

A soft and fluffy alpaca wool knit shawl and a calf leather belt with a handle, which is useful when carrying it about. One can see a glimpse of playfulness in the classic form, reminiscent of that of a harness. “This chunky knit shawl is finished in almost the exact same way as the original idea”.

¥86900 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Denim Pants

“Using fabric made in Okayama, I designed these denim jeans in the relaxed silhouette that I love. During the production process, I bought used clothes, and created test pieces by breaking them down”. Back pocket flashers and sizing tags, which are usually discarded when put on display, are integrated into their design.

¥251900 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Circle Shoulder Bag Small

The inspiration for this circle bag is the Oboe Bag, one of Walter Chiapponi’s masterpieces, which features three straps varying in length and pattern. “You can choose between three different ways of carrying it; crossbody, over the shoulder or as a handbag, as well as just using it with one strap. This idea is originally one that I had been wanting to try with Hender Scheme”.

¥119900 by Hender Scheme × Tod’s (Tod’s Japan)


Fur Moccasin

Decorated lamb fur with a calf leather upper, this hybrid moccasin’s fit can be adjusted by a fidlock closure. “I had a picture in mind putting Gummini’s sole between the upper and the leather sole”. The pebbles on the sole are a traditional small size, and complete the look by keeping with the balance of the voluminous upper.
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