The watch beside the creative

GMW-B5000V-1JR ¥118800 by G-SHOCK(CASIO)
Kosuke Kawamura
Durable lucky charm
Scratches becomes the charm of the watch

Kosuke Kawamura has a variety of talents, collage artist, graphic designer, and art director. Kawamura says that G-SHOCK is essential for someone who flies around the world and does creative works like him.


“I have many opportunities to do live painting at events, etc. Sometimes I have to complete a piece of work in one hour whilst a band is performing, so a watch is indispensable for me. In my case, I use a lot of paper, so I often get messy on my desk, and when I try to find the time on my phone I often can’t find the phone, so I need a watch to think about the time allocation. Also, I feel the need for a watch especially since my overseas business trip has increased recently. The recent G-SHOCK models are convenient because the time can be adjusted automatically by the WORLD TIME function setting without having to set it up, and if you’re not used to overcrowded schedules, you’ll be more concerned about the time than usual. You can obviously check the time on your phone, but if you’re abroad, the battery may run out. Even in such a situation, I know the time if I have a watch, so I wear it as a lucky charm.” Kawamura says that even if you don’t use it during your travels, you can throw it into your bag because its high-robustness is a unique charm of G-SHOCK. “You wouldn’t really like it if your clothes and things you wear gets dirty, do you? I’m that type of person, but I don’t mind if a denim gets dirty. I think it’s the same with other watches, but I like small scratches on G-SHOCK. It becomes the charm of the watch, it’s great that a watch can be treated like a denim.

Kosuke Kawamura
In addition to the collage work of Shibuya PARCO’s art wall project “AD 2019” , which uses Katsuhiro Otomo and the comic “AKIRA”, Kawamura provides artworks for various fashion brands and advertisement.

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