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About Heritage Collection
Evolving craftsmanship revived today with the latest innovations

The North Face boasts a high market share thanks to its impeccable design that is both practical and complete, as well as its unparalleled quality that is the result of experience through repeated field tests. The brand continues to modernize and refine its manufacturing foundation by always employing the latest technology; one of the reasons why the brand has been loved by a wide range of individuals since its establishment to today. Even for their basic items, there is unending dedication to improving the materials and silhouettes. The outerwear items from the “Heritage Collection” that are featured here, as the name suggests, are based on archive models that were sold between the 60s to the 80s, the early phase of The North Face. They’ve been updated by using the brand’s own latest technologies.
The fabric used is made of recyclable nylon material that has been beaded for a more comfortable touch; HYVENT® Clear-D ECO, a water-resistant yet lightweight sustainable material, has been incorporated, giving the utmost consideration to the environment; PERTEX® QUANTUMECO, the world’s lightest class ultra-fine yarn woven into a high-density fabric to improve abrasion resistance, has been utilized as well, preventing down from escaping through the fabric without treatment. There is no doubt that this is a product filled with modern craftsmanship that can only be achieved by The North Face.
Although the original patterns of these jackets have been retained, the silhouettes were adjusted to fit the current times, making it easy to match the urban lifestyles as well as outdoor use. The line-up features three models: the mountain parka which has been one the brand’s most popular and a firm favorite since its inception in 1968; the impactful 1978 anorak jacket with its oversized zippered pockets; the down jacket released in the 80s with a long collar design inspired by ski wear that fits the concept of heritage well.
As seen in the images, enjoy them as urban wear by combining with a matching top and bottom ensemble or a tailored suit; they can be fully functional as more serious outdoor wear for camping or mountain climbing. The fact that it can be used for both is due to the brand’s sincere approach to manufacturing and its outstanding quality. The craftsmanship inherited by the brand will continue to evolve, creating new trends as technology advances and environmental issues change.

The original article from 1968 when the mountain parka was released and commercial image shots from 1978, excerpts from The North Face brand book. Since the design was almost perfected at that time, the items do not feel outdated although they are more than 40 years old.


Photo Masaya Tanaka
Styling Ryota Yamada
Hair Yusuke Morioka
Model Danil
Edit Shohei Kawamura
Shunya Watanabe
Translation Akiko Watanabe & Rei Matsuoka


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