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Editor’s Eye


Leather Bag ¥261000 Wallet ¥104000 by CHROME HEARTS (UNITED ARROWS ROPPONGI HILLS)


Special edition for the 30th anniversary
With the rare navy color

I am always impressed with products made by Chrome Hearts. Not only the silver jewellery and leather products represents the brand, but also all the home products and interior of the store have a consistent philosophy and high quality. United Arrows is a select shop that has a long standing relationship with Chrome Hearts. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, a leather accessory made by Chrome Hearts for United Arrows has released. The bag and the small wallet has been colored in navy instead of black, making them easier to use for a wider range of age group. The bag is a perfect size to hold a phone, a small wallet and a paperback book. More than anything, the quilted leather and cross-patch design creates an accent to your style with right edgyness. Even if I tend to carry around a lot of stuff, I’m longing for a smart lifestyle with a bag of this perfect size.

Text Takayasu Yamada


sacai × Funkadelic T-Shirt

T-Shirt ¥25000 by sacai


Wearing the respected masterpiece
That will never fade

When I find product of my favourite artists, I can’t help my self from collecting it, and recently I have another favourite T-shirt added to my collection. I fell in love with this Funkadelic x Sacai collaboration T-shirt at first sight when I went to a showroom. Funkadelic is a funk band that represents P-Funk alongside Parliament. The creator of P-Funk, George Clinton, led these two major bands and created a new genre called P-Funk. As its name suggests, Funkadelic is characterized by rock-like approach which fuses funk and psychedelic. The design drawn on the record sleeve of Funkadelic’s masterpiece “One Nation Under A Groove” released in 1978 is printed on the collaboration T-shirt, and besides this T-shirt, there are also many Sacai-like special collaboration items such as tops and dresses are available.

Text Mayu Kakihata


BAL ORIGINAL × Human Nature House Wine

Wine ¥2500 by Human Nature humannature.jp


Natural wine
With an independent mind

Unlike the natural wine (Naturel) that is available now on the market, natural wine is extremely natural. Artificially made wines are produced in large quantities at low cost through hand work and mechanical work in order to maintain the same quality and taste. Naturel is a natural grape that has the same deliciousness and expression as it is, and is produced with a little change as possible, it’s especially difficult to get popular types. It’s a wine with an antithesis, counter culture with an independent mindset against things with too much capitalism. This time, I would like to recommend these two types. The taste is quite obvious, but isn’t this label design familiar? The label design is inspired from the design of masterpiece house music record sleeve which makes us feel excited. Sometimes I get drunk with sound and get drunk with alcohol at home. How about spend such a weekend?. In April 2020, the distributor, Human Nature opens a natural wine bar in Kabutocho, Tokyo. Try it over there first.

Text Koryu Tamasawa


Archive 11MJ Jacket Protomodel

Archive 11MJ Jacket Protomodel ¥30000 by Wrangler (Wrangler Japan)


Began to realize
The charm of heritage in the Reiwa era

Recently, I’ve been feeling like wearing heritage clothes. The trigger was the influence from the stylist, Takeshi Nimura, who often works for Silver. Mr.Nimura also seemed to have liked heritage clothes since last year, and I was impressed when he said “I felt a sense of humanity in clothes from the days when there was no cell-phone.” At the same time, I am always in charge of planning for the denim brand Wrangler project, and I interviewed Mr. Nimura on that project. The 11MJ denim jacket was a prototype model, and I was taught that it was the it was the predecessor of the 111MJ that his beloved John Lennon wore in the legendary TV show “Rock’n Roll Circus”, and once again, he recognized the charm of Wrangler. After that, Mr. Nimura’s love for Wrangler seemed to have got back into it, and every since then we always talk about the Wrangler that we had recently bough every time we meet. I’ve actually never worn a denim jacket before because I always thought it was too early for me wear it. But I feel like I’m getting used to it, maybe I’ve grown up a little.

Text Takayasu Yamada



Left_Long Sleeve T-Shirt ¥31900
Right_Tops ¥20200 by LEMAIRE (EDSTRÖM OFFICE)


Designer’s love for music sparkles
In the special collection

Don’t miss out the collaboration with CAN from this season’s LEMAIRE men’s collection. CAN is one of the leading bands of German progressive Rock-Jazz Rock formed in 1968. The unique and artistic sound has had a significant influence in the music industry after the Post-Punk and New Wave, and it is still highly regarded even today. Christopher Lemaire, the designer of LEMAIRE is also known as a music enthusiast and has a record maniac side that even his house was featured in a music magazine called “Record”. This collaboration includes, a unique T-shirt made of a shirt fabric with a photo of rehearsal scene printed on the back (pictured right), long sleeve T-shirt with a music titles printed like a T-shirt (pictured left), and there are also other items such as knitwear with a masterpiece “Future Days” record sleeve art work designed on the front. The collection is filled with playfulness in the elegance of LEMARIE.

Text Mayu Kakihata



Left_Quanah ¥102306 Right_Morris ¥86000 by JACQUES MARIE MAGE (WONDEROUS EYEWEAR RESORT)


Expression of culture
In the highest quality

Recently, I discovered the Los Angeles-based eyewear brand, JACQUES MARIE MAGE. It’s worn by Iggy Pop and filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, who won the Palme d’Or in Cannes. You might think that luxury is its only feature, but that’s not the only appealing side. In addition to the quality down to the unrivaled smallest details, the design concept in each model is interesting. Many of them pictures the iconic figures of the counter-culture, such as “Dennis Hopper”,Hunter S. Thompson from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. The concept of two eyewear above are “The spirit of Quanah Parker (left) and “The color tones of Morris Louis”. Also ather model that pictured “The Velvet Underground” is put in a silver case which was inspired by the producer of the band, Andy Warhol’s atelier that was entirely colored in silver. I was captivated when I found out this concept work with its high quality and high culture.

Text Takayasu Yamada


All prices are tax excluded.


Photo Taijun Hiramoto

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