Books & Travel with 11 Creators

Books & Travel with 11 Creators

Books to travel with

You may realize something you hadn’t in your everyday life or you may gain the courage to do something new. Traveling is not only a break from your norm, but also a precious time to come face to face with yourself. In such a time, books help make the time more enjoyable. Travel and books have always been closely related. 11 creators who regularly fly across the globe chose books to take with them on their respective journeys to extraordinary places. Here, we introduce you to their choices that add color to their journeys and lives.

Selected by Fumika Uchida (FUMIKA_UCHIDA, Designer)
Teaches me about the strength to believe in myself

“This is a book that I had on me when I first met Hitomi Sato who is a model I’ve worked with since 2017. When I read, ‘Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.’it really struck a chord within me. This book has a dream and it teaches me the strength of self-belief. When I read this book, it makes me want to go to a place I’ve never been.”
“The Alchemist” – Paul Coelho

Selected by Setsumasa Kobayashi (Mountain Research, Director)
A book I want to take if I were to go to jail

“The original American nature essayist advocates, “Do not obey bad law, respond to your conscience,” and fills the book with a sense of an agitated, anarchic spirit. The author Thoreau frequently appears in essays by Yoshio Tabuchi as a writer who lives in Nagano. This is a book I discovered amidst my research. Whether it be in a tent deep in the mountains, on a long-distance train, or in a jail cell, this is a book I would take. In the past I would take various versions of the book by different translators and publishers on my business and personal trips.”
“Civil Disobedience” – Henry David Thoreau

Selected by Takayuki Ishii (Taka Ishii Gallery, President)
An adventure photographer’s writing resonates with my heart

“A book that captures humans, plants and animals in photographs and in writing. Adventure photographer Michio Hoshino’s writing resonates with my heart. In particular, I love when he wrote, ‘People always unconsciously look at the landscape through their heart. The mysterious Northern Lights probably speaks the inner landscape of those who watch it.’ It’s a very special moment when I get to read the book while crossing over Eurasia in a plane.”
“En Route to Long Journey” Michio Hoshino

Selected by Noriteru Minezaki (Art Director)
You can enjoy the lingering sound by reading 1 stanza

“There is a work by artist Jun Tsunoda that draws from a quote of Pessoa’s poetry, and the combination of ‘books’ and ‘words’ really touched my heart. That is how I first learned about Pessoa. In the past I brought a lot of books on my trips and gave them to people I met, but with a collection of poems, I can enjoy the lingering sound by reading one stanza, allowing me to enjoy the book for a long time. I recently read the book when I went to Alaska, but I would also love to read the book when I go to Pessoa’s hometown of Portugal.”
“Poems of Fernando Pessoa” – Fernando Pessoa

Selected by Yoko Miyake (Stylist)
A book that lets you feel numbers from a different angle

When traveling, I like to read books that allow me to experience or think about my norm from a different angle, and this book shows me how numbers are arbitrary concepts that vary depending on the individual rather than being objective as believed by society. Even though numbers seem to be understood by all, they are not. I found beauty in the exploration of the psychological background of numbers throughout history. I bought this book at the end of last year and read it on my trip to Hokkaido.”
“The Body of Mathematics”- Mao Morita


Selected by YOSHIROTTEN (Graphic Artist)
It feels like traveling in space

“Through collecting science fiction papers and UFO books for close to 10 years, I came across Asimov’s novels and essays. I was initially drawn to this book by its cover and title, but loved its story about the disappearance of a planet overnight. I read this book about three years ago on the plane home from a meditation facility in the desert and I remember feeling like I was traveling between planets in space.”
“Nightfall” – Issac Asimov

Selected by Haruka Hirata (Artist, Founder of Big Love Records, GR8 PR)
A book that helps me sort my thoughts

“This is a book written in 1922 by the Russian abstract painter Kandinsky who explains in simple terms the essential elements of art: dots, lines and planes. While venturing ikebana, I wanted to learn more about art and decided to buy this book. I brought this book with me the other day to my ikebana showcase in Berlin. When I’m nervous on location or in a plane, I open this book and read through it to organize my thoughts. I feel like chasing line after line of words on a page has the same effect as a tranquilizer.”
“Point and Line to Plane” – Wassily Kandinsky

Selected by W. David Marx (Author of “AMETORA”)
The romance of a journey found only by train

“This is the record of an author who traveled by train from Europe to Asia. Japan’s bullet train also makes an appearance. Some parts talk about the “perverted Japan” of the 1970s and reads as an interesting historical document. I always think about “the romance of a journey found only by train” so I knew I needed the book once I found out about its existence. I found it in Jimbocho for 200 yen. One day, I’d like to read it while riding along the Siberian Railway.”
“The Great Railway Bazaar” Paul Theroux

Selected by Chihiro Doi (Beams, Communication Director)
I want to read this in a city with amazing art

“I first found out about this book when Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall recommended it to me. Because I’ve recently had the opportunity to experience the culture of various countries in the form of their architecture, food, and art, this book was a great study. I took it with me on a trip to Vietnam, but I would love to read this book in cities with great art such as New York, London, Paris, and Barcelona.
“Why do the elites of the world train their “Science of beauty?”Art”and “Science”in management  – Shu Yamaguchi

Selected by Yoshiko Edstrom (Edstrom Office, Director)
Influenced by the originality of the protagonist

“When I was a kid, I started reading this book as the sequel to “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer.” It contains a variety of religious views, racial issues, and politics and gives me a complicated feeling. However, the main appeal of the book is the originality of the protagonist who is not bound by common sense. His uniqueness is not bound by selfishness, and I am influenced how he lives by a balance of his own principles. This is a book that can be enjoyed anywhere, regardless of the country. I recently took this book on a trip to England.”
“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” – Mark Twain

Selected by Takuya Chiba (Silver, Editor-in-Chief)
A book to check yourself with while traveling

“While working within fashion, I think about what is fashionable and always end up with the answer that it lies in the essence of one’s way of life. It’s important to live comfortably without wasteful extravagance, not bother others, and to value the richness of the spirit rather than appearance. This book teaches the basics of how to live. The time en route to a destination is always a time to reflect, and this book allows me to keep my way of living in check.”
“Men’s Manner” – Shotaro Ikenami


Interview & Text Satoru Komura

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