Cafe Bohemia
Gaurab Thakali

Cafe Bohemia
Gaurab Thakali

Based in London Illustrator, Artist
Influenced by jazz music and jacket
Provide illustrations to magazines and
fashion brands
silk screen print
Hear the sound of jazz
Drawing and colour scheme

GaurabThakali, an illustrator, based in London. We got to know his artwork from illustrations he contributed to the flyer at the Fall/Winter 2018 collection of London-based fashion brand Nicholas Daley.


The theme of the collection at that time was based on the song “RED CLAY” by Freddie Hubbard, a famous trumpeter, and a jazz band wore Nicholas Daley’s clothes played at the live show. It was Gaurab Thakali who worked on the poster for the live show flyer. It felt that he was an illustrator who was influenced by jazz music from his unique color scheme and the touch of the drawing. Looking at his other works, he drew many famous jazz players such as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Sun La. He admits when we asked about the influence of jazz. “I like jazz music and have been heavily influenced by jazz.


At the same time, I was fascinated by visual aspects such as musicians and record sleeve photos. I want to let people know about the existence of great musicians through paintings and silkscreen works. I also play jazz when I’m drawing. A playlist I often play is Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Lonnie Liston Smith, Coltrane, Monk…etc”. For the method of drawing the color scheme, which is characteristic of Gaurab Thakali’s work, his mainstream method is to sketch with a pencil and then color with gouache or scanned image in Photoshop. “I like to use prominent colors. When coloring, I choose complementary and contrasting colors”.


And I also use a lot of techniques to print my work on silkscreen. The illustration of the jazz club on the left side of the page is also worked on silkscreen. A depicting New York’s historical jazz club “Cafe Bohemia”. GaurabThakali made this work in honor of the club. When you look at the work, it feels as if you are hearing the sound played by the performers and conversation of the people who are silk-screened. Needless to say the relationship between art and music, the work of Gaurab Thakali which has the scent of good old jazz, a style that senses the sound, which comes from artworks like record sleeves in the old days. He has contributed his illustrations to places such as The New York Times and Bloomberg Businessweek magazine where you can see his work. You can immediately recognize that it is a work of Gaurab Thakali from the unique touch and color scheme.


Gaurab Thakali
An illustrator, artist born in Nepal. He moved to London at the age of 15, studied art at university and started drawing. Contributes to magazines and provides artwork for brands.


Text Takayasu Yamada

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