Brass work

Brass work

2019 Brass High 630mm φ 480mm


Takayuki Minami
A creative director of Hibiya Central Market which has been running since March 2018 and his own brand, Graphpaper. He is involved in multiple shop direction and branding. Highly respected for his understanding of aesthetics in the industry.
Brass Artist
She graduated from Musashino Art University. Major in Industrial , Interior and Craft design. She produces objects and accessories using brass. Each brass piece is cut by hand. She individually adds hammered texture and connects the pieces by adding heat. Her work is full of the hope to be new to those who see and wear it.

L to R
Earring Tsutsumi ¥12960 Hanaichirin ¥12960 Oogi ¥12960 by Chihiro Akino for Graphpaper (HIBIYA CENTRAL MARKET)


Beauty of time and space created by brass

Art and crafts. A new generation of artists come and go-between. Creative director, Minami’s interest focuses on artists who want to express themselves as an art while starting with crafts backed by high technology in Japan. As part three of this serial Minami introduces a brass artist, Chihiro Akino.


“Some years ago I had the opportunity to see photos of her solo exhibition, and I was always curious about it. I got to know her through Takeshi Koyama, who was introduced in the last serial. There is a gallery in Aoyama where Akino works there once a week. So, I had a meal with her when there was an event around the end of last year. She is very interesting when you speak to her and has a unique viewpoint.Since brass oxidizes over time, it is a work that includes the perspective of time. It’s nice that she works in creating space and spending time.


The main work introduced this time is the one that I bought at a glance. It’s hard to imagine creating such a three-dimensional object using brass.


Like a sculpture that cuts out the space, including where the lights hit and create the shadow. By striking with your own hands, you can feel both wildness and delicacy.

It’s art but it’s a craft.



Select Takayuki Minami Photo Masayuki Nakaya

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